Akshara to assure family of her finest intentions in Yeh Rishta…


yeh ris

Rashmi gets married to Sameer in the temple while their family are busy fighting. Sameer is happy That Rashmi believed him, and takes a stand against their families. Gayu did conspiracy to stop the wedding, but she realized her mistake and tries to stop Sameer. They come to know that Sameer is in temple and go there. They see them married and decides to get them married with all the rituals after 5 days.

Naitik apologizes to Akshara after Rashmi and Sameer’s marriage. She is annoyed as Naitik did not believe her and constantly asked her to accept her mistake. Akshara was sure about Sameer and Naitik did not support her. She does not forgive him. Naitik gives rose and lovely messages to say sorry to him. He keeps many sorry notes to convince her. Naitik misunderstood her and got angry on her. Now he is regretting after Akshara was proved right. Akshara has decided not to forgive him, as he has hurt her heart. She wants to teach him a lesson and does not agree. Whenever she tells something to the family, its for the family’s betterment. She wants to make them assured of her good intentions, as Devyaani blamed her of regarding Rashmi and Gayu as a burden. Devyaani even scared Akshara of risking her marriage to prove herself right. Now that Akshara is really proved right, Devyaani apologizes to Akshara. Akshara is hurt as family does not believe her motives to do best for them, and wants to explain them by some plan. Will Akshara forgive Devyaani and Naitik? Keep reading.


  1. I appreciate that. don’t give up so easily. The DIL are always misunderstood by their thoughts and deeds even if its for the betterment for the family.


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