Kokila and Gopi turn gutsy to terrify Gaura and Dharam…



Gaura slaps Meera and asks how dare you. Meera asks her to leave her hand. Shravan asks Gaura to leave Meera. Dharm asks if he is getting concerned for his step mum. Gaura says whoever shows ego infront of me, have to bear this and pulls her hairs. Meera’s life has been ruined as Gaura is torturing Meera. It is actually Meera and Gaura’s conspiracy behind this act. Meera wants Vidya to come back as her motive to become Vidya’s saas has failed as Vidya left Gaura’s house. She thinks Vidya will come back seeing her sister being tortured. Gopi warns Gaura and threatens to break her daughters marriages. Vidya decides to go back to her inlaws for Meera’s sake. Gopi and Kokila support her, and cry being helpless. Gopi gives a Kanha idol to Vidya before sending her to Shravan’s house.

Kokila and Gopi tie up Gaura by the ropes. They have become very dangerous and threatened Gaura that she will kill Gaura if she troubles Vidya and Meera. Kokila says Vidya is like Arjun and asks her to be strong. They lock Dharam in the room. Dharam sees this from the window and shouts from there. Kokila got fearless and she can’t see more of Gaura’s evil. Gopi, Kokila and Vidya come there for Meera’s sake. Gopi and Kokila take knives and put at Gaura’s neck to add more thrill. Keep reading.


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