Gopi to fulfill Kokila’s duties and ‘end Gaura’s evil’…



Gopi can’t see anyone insulting Kokila. Gaura pushes Kokila, while Kokila was apologizing to Gaura. Gaura kicks Kokila down. Gopi then pushes Gaura and says she will not leave Gaura, if she insults Kokila. She says Kokila has given so much love and respect to Gaura, and if Gaura points finger at Kokila, Gopi will break her hand. Dharam gets angry on Gopi and Ahem stops Dharam. Gopi says you have to face me to reach Kokila, if anything happens to Kokila, I will not leave you. Gopi has given the final warning to Gaura. Gopi cries for Kokila, as Gaurab has ruined Kokila’s self respect and shattered her trust.

Meera comes and asks Kokila to leave from her inlaws. Kokila says this place is not safe for you and asks her to come along. Ahem asks Meera to come with them. Meera kicks them out and shuts the door. Ahem yells on Meera for supporting Gaura and Dharam. Ahem furiously comes home and heads to Meera’s room. Ahem ends all ties with Meera and burns her clothes and belongings at home. Gopi consoles dejected Ahem. Kokila will be seen falling weak in the track, where Gopi will become the incharge to end Gaura’s evil and bring Meera back. Keep reading.



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