TGI Friday’s Spoilers





Viplav takes selfie with the Ashram ladies and it is his trick to win the widow’s heart and get back to Ashram. Actually Dhaani asks Viplav to go to his house and says your mum is waiting for you since long time. Viplav leaves the Ashram, but then climbs on the wall and enters Ashram again. Dhaani gets relieved thinking Viplav/Rakshas/devil has gone and they can live life peacefully. Dhaani then spots Viplav and gets impressed by his charm to make an old lady smile. Viplav gets his hands in the garbage box to find the old lady’s imp photo and this makes Dhaani realize he is not a spoilt brat, but also has a golden heart. Viplav turns charming in her eyes and she ends her efforts to make him leave the ashram. A new member joins the ashram which surprises Viplav and Dhaani.


Finding Sandhya is Sooraj’s ultimate mission. He comes to the place where Sandhya is held captive. All the goons were dancing on the song with a dancer. Sooraj makes them get busy in dance and try to find clue leading him to Sandhya. This is his new trick wherein he added medicine in the sweets making them subconscious and losing their mind for time being. Very soon Sooraj will find her Sandhya and gets success in his mission.


Kokila and Gopi tie up Gaura by the ropes. They have become very dangerous and threatened Gaura that she will kill Gaura if she troubles Vidya and Meera. Kokila says Vidya is like Arjun and asks her to be strong. They lock Dharam in the room. Dharam sees this from the window and shouts from there. Kokila got fearless and she can’t see more of Gaura’s evil. Gopi, Kokila and Vidya come there for Meera’s sake. Gopi and Kokila take knives and put at Gaura’s neck to add more thrill.


Chakor wants to know why Kusum hates her so much. Kusum gets sad that her crime has got more serious, as her Madam who was in coma has died. The blame turns true and Kusum gets punished for the Madam’s death. Kusum tells Chakor that she will kill her also if she irritates her more. Chakor prays to get off from the juvenile jail. Sunny, Soham and Tamasha get magician Badshah there. The jailer welcomes Badshah happily and organizes a magic show in the jail. Badshah shows the same limelight magic where he makes the kid disappear. Sunny and Soham put Chakor in the bog box to make her run away from the jail. Sunny tells Chakor that Kasturi is getting really ill.


A girl Manisha tells Ishani that Ranvir is a phycho, he is not a good man. Ishani slaps Manisha. Ishani can’t believe that Ranvir has misbehaved with Manisha. Manisha says Ranvir is mentally retarded and getting treatment. Ishani says she knows Ranvir since childhood. Manisha gets Ishani to hospital to show Ranvir’s true face, but doctor changes his statement. Ishani feels Manisha is creating misunderstanding between them. Ranvir’s second avatar/duplicate will be coming infront of Ishani soon, which will shock her.


Ragini gets slapped by Sharmishta. Sharmishta asks Ragini to tell everyone how she has kidnapped her own mother. Ragini’s evil pot has burst out today. Sharmishta is punishing her to get the truth out, but Ragini is tight lipped. Ragini did not speak the truth. She got silent and cries. Sharmishta gets shocked when Swara supports Ragini. Sanskaar asks Swara to lose in the fight or prove her mum wrong to win Ragini’s trust. Swara had to prove her mum wrong infront of the family.


Naitik apologizes to Akshara after Rashmi and Sameer’s marriage. She is annoyed as Naitik did not believe her and constantly asked her to accept her mistake. Akshara was sure about Sameer and Naitik did not support her. She does not forgive him. Naitik gives rose and lovely messages to say sorry to him. He keeps many sorry notes to convince her. Naitik misunderstood her and got angry on her. Now he is regretting after Akshara was proved right. Akshara has decided not to forgive him, as he has hurt her heart. She wants to teach him a lesson and does not agree.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi gets confused over her feelings for Samar and Karan. She feels sympathetic towards Karan for always giving away his happiness and never complaining about his pain. She gets thinking over Karan’s feelings for her and his selfish love. She keeps telling herself that she loves Samar and fails to accept this by her heart. Laxmi cancels the engagement with Samar to get sure where her heart is taking her.


Mihika gets to know about the accidental death of Rinki happened by her hands and shatters. She shares her pain with Ishita and cries miserably. Abhishek got to know this truth by his investigations, and is shocked too knowing Mihika is the real culprit. Differences begin between the families. It has to be seen how Ishita keeps families united.



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