Simar realizes Indravati and Padmavati’s past; Rebirth twist starts…



Indravati asks Simar whom was she talking on phone. Simar says no one, I was thinking when will Prem and Toli get fine. Indravati says she will keep a big puja to free Prem and Roli, and entire Bharadwaj family will have to attend it. She says she will return after giving happiness to Simar. Simar makes excuse and leaves, while thinking whose call was it. Indravati says deceive happens even in these times. Indravati plans to ditch Simar, while Simar gets an old pic of Simar in Indravati’s diary.

Indravati wants to revenge from Simar, whom she regards Padmavati. Indravati lost the dance competition and her love to Padmavati in her old birth. Simar has come to a haveli where she has got a past link. Simar is actually a rebirth of Indravati’s sister Padmavati. Simar was a dancer and used to show dancing art. Simar sees Indravati and her pic on the wall, and its written they both used to be dancers. Indravati and Padmavati died in the haveli, where Indravati did not get peace and took rebirth. Simar gets the ghungroos and reads the note on the wall. Keep reading.


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