Simar’s new fight with Indravati begins in Sasural Simar Ka…



Indravati is the trapped soul in the painting which is brought in Simar’s house. Simar gets tensed when she comes to know that Indravati is freed from the painting. Indravati starts dancing shocking everyone. She tries to trap Prem and Sanjana in her Moh Jaal. Simar doesn’t know how to save her family, but will soon find an idea to save her family with the new trouble of bad soul.

Simar and the Indravati have a dance face off at home. They both show their classical skills. Indravati overpowers her performance and stuns Simar. A new war has begun for Simar. Simar is trying hard for her family and Indravati dances with passion. Simar loses to Indravati. Indravati announces that she won’t bring out Simar’s family from the pots. Indravati gets back in the pic. Mata ji gets the books to kill the Dayan. Before Simar could read the books, Indravati ruins the books. Simar gets the torn papers and tries to figure out. How will Simar save her family? There will be many twists revealing by Indravati. Keep reading.



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