Afreen’s entry to raise supernatural effectual drama in Qubool Hai…



Mahira knows she is going to get married to Amaad, and she gets married to Azaad. The drama will get at the peak post the marriage. Mahira will be shocked seeing Azaad and get into an argument with him. A new witch Afreen (Actress Puja Banerjee) will be seen. She looks like a new bride, but she is actually a Dayan. She wants to kill Amaad and Azaad. She targets Amaad. Mahira has to accept this new challenge and defeat Afreen.

Mahira loves Azaad and was feeling helpless thinking she has married Amaad. Now that she knows she married Azaad whom she loves, how will Afreen’s entry affect Mahira? Afreen makes a shocking entry by getting in Azaad’s room and taking Mahira’s place on the wedding night. Afreen waits for him in his room as the bride, instead Mahira. Mahira too comes there and gets shocked seeing Afreen. She gets sad by Azaad’s cheat, while he tries to justify himself. Afreen passes taunts on Mahira and provokes her to leave from there. Afreen tells about Azaad marrying her before and she is still his wife. Afreen has come to take revenge and tortures Azaad. She makes him lie on the bed and does evil magic on him, which captivates and freezes Azaad. What will Mahira do to save her love from another evil witch? Keep reading.



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