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Median zing spoilers


Bhabhi Ji GPH:

Vibhuti ji gets slapped by his wife Anita, as he tries to impress Angoori and pretends to sing bhajan. They get surprised when actual singer comes out and Vibhuti gets caught. The twist comes by a tiger’s entry. Angoori and Anita sing bhajan and makes the tiger leave from there. Bhabhi ji Angoori and Anita ji do the aarti of Mata Rani during the celebrations. Vibhuti calls Bahenji and aunty ji which irks Anita. Angoori cries as Vibhuti has become Ghajini and forgot his wife Anita. Vibhuti’s short term memory loss will add more comic to the episode. He maybe acting to impress Angoori by acting. Anita says she will get Vibhuti’s memory back and write a new story on his mind’s blank board.


There are many twists before the wedding happens. Ishani is in tears, while Ranveer tries to cheer her up. Some abshaguns happens before their marriage, raising doubt in Ishaani’s mind. Actually Ranveer gets kidnapped by Milan before marriage. Milan reaches the mandap and sits with Ishaani to marry her. Ranveer and Ishani have been separated again, but for few moments. Milan wanted to ruin Ranveer and Ishani’s Aashiqui and sat in mandap in Ranveer’s place. Ranveer switches off the lights. Milan tells Ishaani that he will see the fuse and groom leaves to check lights, leaving the mandap. Ranveer catches Milan and beats him up. Ranveer reaches in mandap and marries Ishaani. Ranveer reaches on time failing Milan’s motive to marry Ishani. Milan vows to return in their life and take revenge. Ranveer and Ishaani gets married again happily. They sit for their post wedding rituals and do the ring finding ceremony.


Gopi meets her lost long mum Madhuben outside the temple of Sherawali Mata rani. She came to temple to get Mata Rani’s blessings, but she made her meet her real mum Madhuben. Madhuben sees Gopi and tries to run. She falls down the stairs and gets unconscious. Gopi calls her Maa and tries to wake her up. Ahem and Jigar are shocked too, and tries waking her up in vain. They take her to hospital to get her treated. Gaura beats Meera with a sweeper and scolds her, seeing Meera going against her.

Jamai Raja:

Shabnam conspired against Roshni and got her arrested. She calls lady constable and asks her to take care of her sister well in the lock up. The lady constable assures that she will take care of her best. Sid assures Roshni that he will bail her out at any cost and asks her not to worry. Roshni is in shock seeing the kids’ condition after drinking milk shake and her arrest. The lady constables beat up Roshni mercilessly and then puts her head in the commode suffocating her. Roshni gets injured and unconscious. Later, she gets admitted in the hospital. Sid and DD find painful seeing her condition. Sid swears to nab the culprit responsible for Roshni’s condition and make him pay for this.


Bharat takes Sooraj and Sandhya in a marriage function. Sooraj thinks their marriage should happen again to celebrate their happiness and union. They have haldi, mehendi and marriage on the same day. Sandhya and Sooraj are having a remarriage. Their Punar Vivaah is next in the track. Sandhya and Sooraj will be seen enjoying the marriage functions in grand way. Sooraj and Sandhya marry away from marriage. Diya aur Baati will be together. Bharat brings the groom Sooraj. Sandhya and Sooraj have made their country proud and fulfilled the duty towards the country.


SSK story has gone 100 years back. Simar is enjoying as Padmavati. Padmavati dances with Indravati and boosts her confidence being a caring sister. There is a twist, and it will show how a caring sisters turned to hardcore enemies. Padmavati and Indravati dance together during the competition infront of Rana Thakur in his palace. Indravati dances alone first and attracts Rana Thakur’s attention. Rana Thakur frees Padmavati’s father and asks him for Padmavati’s hand. The 100 year old drama will show many shades of Indravati.

Balika Vadhu:

Anandi brings her daughter Nandini home, on a condition that she will call her Nimboli and will not tell her true identity of a mum to her. Mangla tricks Anandi to accept her condition and comes to Jaitsar with Nandini. Nandini oblivious to the fact that she is Anandi’s daughter likes the house. Dadisaa and everyone get shocked when Nimboli calls Mangla as her Maa. Anandi gets in tears and feels some day she will get her daughter back. As Mangla is with Nandini, it would be difficult for Anandi to make a place for herself in Nandini’s heart. Mangla would keep instigate Nimboli against Anandi.


Ishita wakes up in the night and looks on shockingly at the reflection in her room. She looks at the clock which stops at the time of Shagun’s death. Ishita feels something wrong is going to happen with her, and feels Shagun is after her. Shagun has committed suicide and her soul has returned to take revenge from her. Mrs. Iyer tells Ishita that two deaths have happen in the house, and third person might die in the house too. Ishita is scared. Shagun’s soul/ghost will enter Ishita and Raman will be shocked to see Ishita in scary avatar.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya argue all again over their love and money. Abhi knows he can earn money by singing. He talks to Pragya about profit sharing. Raj has got a sharp shooter to kill Pragya. It is again murder planning for Pragya, but Pragya will be saved once again. Pragya says I troubled everyone a lot. It will have to be seen how shooter fails in his plan. The killer falls in love with Pragya and changes his mind to kill her. He starts wooing her by his liners and flirts with her. He tries impressing Pragya and gets scolded by Pragya. The killer will turn his love into a craze. All this will happen during Ramleela.

Zindagi ABHMG:

Sophia gets replies to her love letter and thinks her long wish has been fulfilled. She reads the love letter happily thinking her prince charming has replied to her. She wishes to meet him and emails him. She is oblivious to the fact that the guy, she has been falling for is not her prince charming, but a villain. He is actually Ben, who was about to marry Amy but Sophia exposes his true face, and breaks her sister’s alliance with him. Ben swears to ruin Sophia’s life and make her fall for him. When Sophia goes to meet her prince charming, she comes to know that that dad Peter have hired Yug as her driver. Yug drives Sophia’s car when she meets Ben. It is yet to be seen how Yug saves Sophia, and makes her fall for him.

Badtameez Dil:

Kuber thinks to make his image better in his son’s eyes as he can’t afford to lose him. He buys Groove channel to be with Abeer, and sends legal notice to Meher to work in the company for 3 months, else it will be breach of contract, then she will have to face legal complications. Meher asks Abeer to talk to Kuber. Kuber tells Abeer that he is rectifying my mistake by bringing them together. He asks him to win Meher again in the three months period. Abeer asks Meher to work in the office for 3 months. Meher gets angry. Later when Meher and Akshat were dining in the restaurant, Abeer joins them and tries to make Akshat feel that he knows Meher more than him. Kuber thinks to find out about Nisar from Rati, but she refuses to talk about him. Kuber wants to play safe and make Meher go from Abeer’s life for forever. Will Abeer realize his father’s true intentions? Will Meher get back to Abeer?



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