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Sasural Simar Ka: Rana Thakur binds Indravati with chains and announces his marriage with Padmavati after three days. He tells Indravati that he will marry Padmavati infront of her eyes. Indravati threatens him to ruin his life and kill Padmavati.


Mere Angne Mein: Shanti has high hopes to get Riya’s salary as 1st Nov comes. Nimmi tells her that she will not get anything for sure. Shanti gets shocked when Riya gives her a salary envelop which has something else.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara is worried for Naksh’s marriage. She tells Naitik that she wants such family who is similar to their family. Tara’s family is much different, where her Dada ji is a dominant, shrewd and egoistic man.

Saathiya: Gauri takes a stick to beat Vidya for the mistake Meera has done. Shravan takes a stand for his innocent wife. He breaks the stick and stands against Gaura. This would be first time that Shravan has spoken up in his wife’s defense.

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Bhabho does Aarti of Sooraj and Lalima and asks them to do Grahpravesh. Sooraj stands with Sandhya, where Lalima enters home alone. Bhabho gives one day time to Sooraj to decide which wife would stay with him in their house. Sooraj chooses Sandhya, which irks Bhabho.

Tashan-e-Ishq: Twinkle and Kunj are getting married. She tells him that she agreed to marry just for her mum’s happiness. Kunj says he is marrying for the sake of his family. Yuvraaj says whatever the reason, I won’t let this marriage happen. He stops the marriage in nick of the time.

Sumit Sambhal Lega: Maya and Sumit have a heated argument. Sumit leaves home seeing Maya’s hot temper. Dolly asks Sumit about his fight with Maya and is glad in her heart to get her son back. Jasbir gives some tips to Sumit for a happy married life.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:Milan is still troubling Ishaani in Ranveer’s disguise. He sits for the post marriage rituals and everyone get shocked seeing his likes completely opposite of Ranveer.

Roshni:Malhotra, Sharad and Pintu Ghosh are ruining up Leela hospital by starting a kidney racket. Rajat and Roshni are unaware of it. Sharad has trapped Anand in a surgery and convinced Rajat by saying about a big deal. Sameer gets heartbroken knowing about Roshni and Nick’s love.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki: Yuvraaj was suspecting the medicines given to Gauri and takes her to doctor. Suhani cancels Gauri’s stay in ashram and brings her back home after getting her checked by a doctor. Suhani tells the family that Gauri will stay with them. She informs Dadi that Gauri was given some wrong medicines by which she reacted angrily at times. Dadi gets shocked by Suhani’s decision and angrily hugs Gauri, not accepting her by heart. Dadi has high hatred for Gauri. Suhani tries to remove Gauri’s mask, but fails.

Udaan:Nayantara/Amma ji goes to her mum to ask about her husband Satya. She seeks an answer from Baa. Chakor realizes Bhaiya ji assumed her to be ghost and was scared. She thinks just she can save Kasturi and takes Chakor’s avatar again. Bhaiya ji beats the watchman who was not on duty at night.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Dulaari scolds Dhaani for being with Viplav at night to make garlands. She asks her to be away from Viplav and reminds her that she is a widow. Dhaani realizes Viplav has left his lavish life and all the riches to work for widows’ welfare. She decides to send Viplav back, as she feels she is taking advantage of his goodness. She realizes he is sacrificing everything in his selflessness.

Balika Vadhu: Anandi decides to take Nimboli/Nandini and Mangla to Shiv Niketan and shift from Dadisaa’s haveli. Dadisaa, Jagya and Ganga insist Anandi to stay back with them. Dadisaa showers love on Nandini. Mangla gets possessive about Nimboli and wants to keep Anandi away from her.



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