Sarla manipulates Riya; Shanti loses the bet…


mere angne mein4

Shanti is a miser person. She has kept a bhajan Kirtan at home as per her plannings. She has called everyone to have bhajans. The ladies of bhajan mandli has sung so well that Shanti has become glad. Shanti wanted everything in her home to get fine. But when the time came to give them money, Shanti has scolded them and sent them out. She gives a lecture to bhajan mandli, recalling how they disrespect her always. Shanti was well entertained by them. Shanti is now eyeing Riya’s salary.

Shanti has high hopes to get Riya’s salary as 1st Nov comes. Nimmi tells her that she will not get anything for sure. Shanti gets shocked when Riya gives her a salary envelop which has something else. Riya was giving money to Shanti, but Sarla has stopped her. Sarla did not let Shanti win the condition. Sarla does not want Riya and Shanti to get closer, and wants to maintain distance between Shanti, Kaushalya and Riya. Sarla wants to divide and rule and acts clever. She provokes Shanti against Kaushalya and Riya. Shanti does not get Riya’s salary and fumes on Kaushalya. Keep reading.


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