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Dhaani has taken the Mata Rani’s avatar for a play. The widows does a nice play for the Navratri function. Viplav informs them about the good news where the widows can also take part in the play. He believes that the women are symbol of power and signify Goddess. The ashram women take nine avatars of Durga Maa. Dhaani dons a red saree and adorns herself with jewelry. She shows anger in her eyes showing she had enough of the society tortures. Dhaani stands as Durga and gives the tough expressions. Viplav comes there and sees her. Dhaani regards him a good friend. Dasharath is the real Rakshaks of her life which she has to tackle.


Suhani and Yuvraaj have a romantic moment. The bathroom tap breaks and they try to control the water shower. They both get drenched in water and could not control the high speed fountain. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to help him and rushes to bring things to stop the water. He blames Suhani for breaking the tap, as she has gone there to wash hands. Suhani argues with him and they have sweet nok jhok.


Madhuben and her other daughter Sona have now turned Kokila’s enemy. Madhuben has come back in Gopi’s life to trouble Modis. Madhuben and Sona have an argument and beat each other. Madhuben boasts about herself. She says she wants to teach Kokila a lesson. She says they can get food for free and live lavish life. Madhuben acts to be helpless and poor, but she plans new things in the room. She acts infront of Gopi. Gopi gets fooled by Madhuben and believes her lies.


Tara lies to her Dada ji that she has to go for some elocution contest on Indian traditions topic. Tara actually has to go for hockey competition. She gets tensed and asks Dada ji’s permission for going out of city. Dada ji gets glad seeing Tara’s good values and permits her to speak her views about their traditions. Later, Tara’s Dada ji comes to Krishna and gets into an argument with Akshara. Akshara gets angry and dislikes his attitude.

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Navratri Maha utsav is going on at home. Everyone is worried for Ragini, feeling she has lost her memory. Swara tries to behave normal with Ragini and cheers her being her nice sister. Laksh’s family comes to attend Durga puja, but stayed annoyed with Ragini. Durga Prasad gets upset seeing Ragini. Ragini looks to be upto some other plan again.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki and Bihaan are having another ritual posed by elders. Dadi tells them about Karwachauth. Thapki does not want to keep the fast. Dadi leaves it on her to decide. Thapki unknowingly does all the rituals like drinking water by Bihaan’s hand. All the rituals get completed without Thapki and Bihaan’s intentions. Dadi blesses them and tells them that Mata Rani wants to make their marriage strong.


Bhabho asks Sandhya to leave home. Sandhya begs to Bhabho and holds her feet. Sooraj requests Bhabho to understand her love for Sandhya. Bhabho says she wants to do justice with Lalima. Bhabho scolds Sandhya as she has no time for her family. Bhabho chooses Lalima and holds her hand. Sandhya gets sad. Lalima also cries as she feels Sooraj can go back to Sandhya.

Lalima to hold hidden motives in Diya Aur…


Indravati is doing back magic to become Maha Dayan. Her Guru Maa has come in their lives and gave the idea to Indravati to make her sister’s blood fall. Indravati scratches Padvamati’s hand by nails and makes her blood fall in the havan kund. She fills the blood in the doll and does some evil magic to become a Dayan completely with all evil magic powers.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya are having Dandiya function at home. They don’t leave any chance to fight. Now they are fighting while playing Dandiya. They are attacking each other with dandiya and showing tashan without thinking they can get hurt by the sticks. Abhi gives attitude looks to Pragya and she also looks angry. Dadi felt everything will be fine between them by Navratri, but the couple still have annoyance between them. The reason is Tanu, who has made Abhi and Pragya enemies. Pragya has kept this Dandiya competition where winner will get 10 lakhs. Tanu will also play Dandiya to win money. Tanu wants 5 lakhs amount and she wants to win the amount by playing well. But she has to be careful while dancing. Tanu has lied about her pregnancy, if she dances in high spirits, then everyone will doubt on her.


Somendra takes care of wounded Sarojini. He makes her rest in the room. All the family ladies get busy in buying jewelry of their choice for Navratri, when jeweler comes home. Sarojini gets a new challenge. Dushyant makes Indra sit as Devi and gathers all the people. Sarojini can’t bear Indra getting tortured. The Navratri function brings drama. Sarojini removes the chunri off Indra’s head and breaks Dushyant’s plans. Sarojini has stood against Dushyant’s superstitions. Sarojini confronts Dushyant for his step to make Indra a devi, and asks what society is he talking about. She tells everyone how Dushyant disrespects women. Sarojini challenges Dushyant to prove that Indra is normal girl in 9 days. Sarojini will succeed in her plan and frees Indra from such tortured life.


Angoori and Anita try to woo their respective husband. They sing and dance for their husbands. Tiwari and Vibhuti does not seem to be interested in their wives. Angoori decorates the room and tries to cheer up Tiwari. Anita makes the moment romantic by her sizzling dance and Vibhuti does not react to her attempts. Both Angoori and Anita try their best to spice up romance. Tiwari and Vibhuti waste this chance as they were imagining about the other lady. Tiwari wanted Anita to romance with him, whereas Vibhuti wants Angoori with him.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti has kept a bhajan Kirtan at home as per her plannings. She has called everyone to have bhajans. The ladies of bhajan mandli has sung so well that Shanti has become glad. Shanti wanted everything in her home to get fine. But when the time came to give them money, Shanti has scolded them and sent them out. She gives a lecture to bhajan mandli, recalling how they disrespect her always. Shanti was well entertained by them. Shanti is now eyeing Riya’s salary. Riya was giving money to Shanti, but Sarla has stopped her. Sarla did not let Shanti win the bet.

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  1. Why do we have to beg for Ek thi raja Ek thi rani update everytime?! Yar this is so not fair… Out of your last 5 telly updates the serial was included just once-makes me very sad 🙁

  2. SADDA HAQ and BADTAMEEZ DIL spoilers plssss… so tired of requesting u everytime to put spoilers for this show as well…..u always put spoilers for only a few shows and u always write only about this shows….its not fair the fans of other shows want spoilers of their fav shows as well….plsss dont ignor us….as im concern i havent seen a spoiler for Sadda haq or Bd for a lot of time i think a month or so….but u put spoilers everytime about KKB YHM etc….dont get me wrong i dont mind if u ppl put spoilers for this shows everytime but pls do conssider our request as well and put spoilers for our shows too…thank u…

  3. Shagun spirit entered Ishita body…….Last time they showed this way……..Ishita behaving in a weird manner like shagun………..


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