Meher ponders over a fresh start with Abeer…



Abeer challenges Akshat that Meher will always love him and the latter has no place in her life. Akshat feels insecure and plans to propose Meher. He proposes her with a ring over candle light dinner. Meher gets surprised and don’t know what to answer. She asks him to give some time to think about the proposal. Akshat makes it clear that her decision will decide about their future and he will move out of her house.

Meanwhile, Abeer and Kuber comes to Meher’s house. Kuber wants Meher and Abeer to be together and gives her the proposal of marriage with Abeer. Devki asks Meher to decide and put an end to Abeer’s chapter. Meher is in two minds and is grinded between her love and friendship. Akshat packs his bag and decide to leave Meher house. He tells her that he will stay back if her decision is in his favor which pressurizes Meher to take a practical decision. What would be Meher’s decision? Keep reading.



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