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Median zing spoilers


During Navrathi celebrations, Meera asks Kokila to come and make her wear anklet. Gopi slaps her hard making her realize her place. Meera become egoistic and misbehaves with Kokila which doesn’t go well with Gopi. Gaura invites everyone for Navrathi celebrations, but when they reach to her house, Gaura and Meera tries to insult Kokila and her family. Meera asks Gopi to make her wear anklet. Gopi makes her wear anklet on her foot. Meera insists Kokila to make her wear anklet on the other foot which makes Gopi angry. Gopi thinks Gaura realizes her mistake and becomes good. Gaura and Kokila’s family play dandiya with each other. It is yet to be seen who wins in the dandiya raas.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya gets the mediclaim form from her office as per as the benefits she is getting. Riya gives the form to Shanti and asks her to use the medical benefits. Raghav gets touched seeing this and says Shivam’s choice was right. He gets proud of Riya, seeing her respecting Shanti so much. Shanti then decides to spoil Riya’s image infront of Raghav. Shanti feels Riya is trying to win the family and end her domination.


Ishita wears Shagun’s clothes and is looking like her. Shagun’s soul in Ishita’s body wants to take revenge for Shagun’s death. Raman imagines Shagun wearing same saree and is shocked with the similarities……. Ishita comes to meet Ashok and flirts with him. Ashok and Suraj get shocked seeing her acting like Shagun. Raman gets tensed, while Ashok wonders what happened to her as she used to taunt him always. Raman takes Ishita with him and was clueless about her behavior. Sometimes it is shown as Shagun’s ghost entered Ishita, or it might be Shagun and Ishita’s trick to bring Sarika truth out.


Indravati will rule on Bharadwaj’s house. Prem has become Rana Thakur and now Indravati manages to get locker keys. Indravati gets happy. It is Simar’s trick and she gives the keys to Indravati with the intention that Indravati will go away from the house with the burden of taking care of house. Simar/Padmavati challenges her to take care of household and gives the keys. Indravati gets happy thinking about the money in the locker.


Angoori dresses like Sadhvi and says she is Maa Angoori…………Vibhuti gets shocked seeing her. Even Anita ji has dresses like Sadhvi and surprises Tiwari ji. Tiwari ji dreams about eloping with Angoori, but the scene has changed completely. Angoori has embrace Sadhni’s look to make Tiwari change his feelings for her. Angoori and Anita’s lovers is increasing day by day.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni dances in the party while the song Haan Hasi Ban gaye……….. after Karwachauth. Roshni does aarti of Sid and breaks fast seeing him. Krutika and Simran breaks fast with their respective husbands.


Sooraj is unable to decide. He gives the credit to Lalima, as she has saved him. He also tells family how Sandhya sacrificed her personal duties to save the country. Bhabho calls Sandhya’s love for Sooraj as selfish as she has taken Sooraj granted. Bhabho and Lalima want to make Sandhya value Sooraj. Bhabho made this plan to make Sooraj and Sandhya’s love very strong and responsible for each other. Sooraj asks Sandhya to make a new start in the family. Sandhya gets determined to make a fresh start and also win her family’s trust again. Sooraj tells her that he will help her in winning Bhabho’s love and trust again.


Mohi prays for Satyakam and Madhur hears her. He gets to know she knows Satyakam. Madhur confronts her. The family gets upset that she knows Satyakam. Sharad tells everyone that Mohi should leave from their house, and even Ayush wants this. They ask Mohi to return to her village Bhuvana. Anusha stops Mohi from going back and asks her to attend her engagement. Ayush does not want Mohi to be part of his engagement.


Kasturi loses her control and hits Kishor. The villagers decide to send her to mental asylum. Imli and Chakor vow not to let this happen and save their mother. Imli gets the food and tries making Kasturi eat it. Kasturi does not eat and throws stone at Lakhan. The stone hits Chakor and she gets injured. Chakor makes Kasturi eat the food and loves her. Ranjana is glad to know Vivaan regained his voice back. The villagers praise Choka for calming Kasturi and making her have feed. They all ask Choka to be with Kasturi. Chakor’s Dadi tells her that if Kasturi gets good sleep, she will get fine soon. Chakor sings a lullaby and makes Kasturi sleep.

Dream Girl:

Aarti has got a place in Sareen House. Ayesha’s twin sister is freed from Ayesha’s clutches and is brought home by Samar and Karan. Samar tells the family how Ayesha has left him on the road in injured state, when he was pleading her to help him. Aarti is more concerned for Samar and has genuine feelings for everyone. Ayesha would be losing her place in Manav’s life. Ayesha gets speechless when Manav questions her about Aarti and Samar’s accident. How will Ayesha turn the tables this time?

Piya Rangrezz:

With Aditya’s revelation of being Bhanvri’s brother in law, the twist to come in the show is Bhanvri’s blackmail to Shraddha to get away from Sher for the sake of his life. Bhanvri and Mama ji has shot Aditya and got free of their dramatic revenge, but things for her will get more worse. Sher wanted an answer from Shraddha. Shraddha tells him that she has taken his pic so that nothing is left behind. Sher finds out that Bhanvri was making Shraddha get away from him, so that he stays alive. How will Sher tackle Bhanvri now?

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki thinks Bihaan is a nice man and wants to know why did he do wrong with her. She goes home and meets Paan. She asks Paan about Bihaan’s step to marry her. Paan hands over her wedding album and tells her that she will get her answer in the album. Thapki sees the album, and before she could see Vasundara’s pic, Bihaan comes there and burns the album. Thapki still sees part of that pic and thinks someone else was there who wanted to spoil her life and stop her marriage with Dhruv. She confides this with Vasundara. Vasundara gets alert and plans that Thapki should not know truth about her.


Suhani gets doubtful of the medicines being given to Gauri. She gets suspicious having some foul smell from the medicines. She doubts on Rags and Menka, and does not know who is doing this against Gauri. She feeds medicines to Gauri. Menka also consumes the same medicines and reacts angrily like Gauri. Menka and Gauri get hyper while dining with everyone, which shocks the family. Suhani takes Gauri’s side, which infuriates Bhavna. Bhavna feels humiliated by Suhani. Suhani gets sure of medicines exchanged by someone. Will she find out about Dadi?

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer and Kuber comes to Meher’s house. Kuber wants Meher and Abeer to be together and gives her the proposal of marriage with Abeer. Devki asks Meher to decide and put an end to Abeer’s chapter. Meher is in two minds and is grinded between her love and friendship. Akshat packs his bag and decide to leave Meher house. He tells her that he will stay back if her decision is in his favor which pressurizes Meher to take a practical decision.



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