Dhruv to get engaged to Shraddha; Vasundara’s truth still unknown…



While Vasundara takes the enlarged pic away from Thapki’s sight, Thapki sees someone going away with the pic. Before she could not its Vasundara, Bihaan plants Paan there and puts all the blame on him. Paan accepts his mistake to provoke Bihaan to marry Thapki to save Dhruv’s future. Thapki gets shattered knowing this. Suman gets the burnt photograph to the family. Vasundara gets relieved seeing the evidence erased. Thapki says she has burnt it as it was not the family photo which Dadi wanted to have.

Later, Vasundara invites Shraddha home. Shraddha is a retired army officer’s daughter. Shradda meets Dhruv and impresses him. Vasundara gets happy seeing them together. The family also like Shraddha. Vasundara expresses her wish to get Dhruv married to Shraddha. Thapki gets shocked. Thapki persuades Dhruv to move on in his life. Shraddha is called at home to choose the engagement ring. She coincidentally likes the same ring which Thapki has chosen once for her engagement with Dhruv. Would Dhruv be able to forget Thapki? Keep reading.


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