Ishita’s ghastly-ghostly avatar to annoy Bhalla Family…


yeh hai mhbtn9

Ishita’s disordered state is confusing family. Amma assumes its some ghost effect, whereas Raman believes its mental shock of Shagun’s death. Amma gets it confirmed that Ishita is possessed by evil spirit, as the red sindoor given by pandit turns black. Ishita warns Amma to be away from her and was about to harm her. Later, Ishita keeps the Karwachauth fast. She is dressed as a bride and Raman looks at her. He is glad seeing her look normal. The Karwachauth night will have a big twist, as Shagun will be spoiling their happiness once again. Raman thanks Ishita for keeping the fast for his long life. Ishita turns to him staring at him with hatred. She says she has kept the fast for his early death, which shocks Raman.

Ishita does weird things publicly, that people get chance to comment on her. Ishita went out after a long time. Raman is trying hard to make her feel normal. But things did not go as planned. Ishita gets dressed in Shagun’s clothes and gets into Shagun’s attitude again. She does not tell family where she is going, while everyone assume she went to meet Raman. Ishita went with Ashok on a dinner date. Raman did not know this and rushes to get her back. The family gets to know this and they all start questioning her. Ishita cries realizing what she has done. The family worries for Ishita, whose mental state is getting worse. Mrs. Bhalla feels Raman and Ishita’s relation will fall weak if this continues. Shagun’s soul has controlled Ishita and making Ishita do strange things. Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma that this was too much by Ishita. Raman too finds this unacceptable and still waives this considering Ishita’s state.


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