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This is to give you my opinion about this show – “Yeh Hai Mohabattein” – on Star Plus:

The Story : A very beautiful story about two different cultural backgrounds (North Indian and Southern Indian) and the issues they go through in the matrimonial union of Raman and Ishita. A very realistic story that many people and families could identify with.

The Plot : The dimension about ex-spouse (Shagun) involved in the dynamics of Raman and Ishita’s marriage – makes sense because “divorce” is becoming a reality of our culture today.

The Twist : The death of Shagun and the ghost of Shagun possessing Ishita – is so far fetched – for 2 reasons :
1. Paranormally – this is not a proven phenomenon – so in this age of science – this is loosing its grip.
2. From a stand point of showing Women’s strength – which this show was successful (so far) in showing through the character of Ishita – who has faced and succeeded through many odds – is now shown to be so weak as to take up the traits of a dead x-spouse of her husband (who she has been detesting. What a paradox ? This is getting many people to switch off their television sets or to flip the channel.

Recommendation –
Please resolve the murder mystery through official channels like the police and not through ghosts because it not only makes things unbelievable but also makes our police look incapable.

TR would like to thank Bhavna Thakkar(Psychologist) for her input.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article solely reflect the views of the author. TellyReviews does not assume any liability for the same.


  1. yup. The very idea of ghost and possession really does not go well with this show. Because this show has always shown some practical and real story lines. they have shown working womens in the form of iyer sisters and even sarika. and all of sudden they are propagating some supernatural theme which is quite not acceptable. However the idea of split personality disorder might work. All the very best to the show.

  2. Totally agree. Women today are strong and empower their surroundings. They ar eno longer weak. The ghost track is ridiculous and very far fetched. Many things do not add up. The story line has detracted from the actual concept of the serial. Showing Shagun leaping off a building was also far fetched, no strong women would do that. The creators need to focus the story back on Ramn and Ishita and bring some happiness for them.

  3. I used to feel this was the only sensible show amongst other shows. I feel ending the show is better than removing the sensibility from it. Not many shows portray women as strong, independent and standing up for their rights. We have to keep in mind the motive of the show while putting twists and turns. There are some values for true love, true relationship. This show used to imply the same but now things are going in a reverse way . Please end the show instead of separating.

  4. I too agree.Being portraying Ishitas chacter so far so strong….all of a sudden soooo week. Pls stop the show r bring somethingnew.We always appreciate this show for not dragging any incident. Anyways thank you for entertaining us so far.

  5. I and my daughter and family always have Lost bed this show!!!
    I don’t watch any other show except this one !
    But now ever since it has taken a “hauted twist” & especially after today’s episode
    We have decided to switch off the TV when ever Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is in air!!!
    Because it’s NO MORE a family show and I can’t let my daughter see these scary scenes !!!

    Pls change the story !
    Either bring shagun back or stop the hauted things

  6. Please stop shagun ghost track makers. viewers are not satisfied with this track. Viewers want raman&ishita’s story not shagun. Please take a leap of 10 years maker’s & create something new for viewers and not separate raman&ishita. & no new parteners for them. They are bestest jodi of television i ever seen.

  7. Why are you not understanding maker’s? Please respect viewer’s opinions & suggestions. Viewer’s are like your show than any other show of television & ;->don’t angry them please. They are huge fans of raman&ishita’s jodi. Stop Shagun ghost&sister track forever. Stop nonsense yar maker’s.

  8. Why are you not understanding maker’s? Please respect viewers opinions & suggestions. Viewers are like your show than any other show of television. ;->don’t angry them please. They are huge fans of raman&ishita’s jodi. Stop Shagun ghost&sister track forever. Stop nonsense yar maker’s.

  9. Please dont show such scary scenes, its suppose to be family serial and not the horror serial. And expose the mysteries through some links or police investigation instead of horror activities, they are not likeable at all.


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