Shraddha’s accidental state to shock Sher…




Shraddha confronts Bhanvri for adding poison in her food. She says this child is related to you too. Bhanvri angrily goes to slap Shraddha. Sher comes there and she stops. Mama manages the situation. He tells Sher that Bhanvri loves him a lot. Mama says Bhanvri loves her grandson and can’t do such thing. Bhanvri says she does not care what Shradda thinks, and wants to know what Sher thinks. Sher does not make any opinion and declares that he will take care of Shraddha. He will test the food first before it reaches Shraddha.

Chanda serves food to Sher. Sher holds Shraddha’s hand and makes her have food. Bhanvri stares at them and falls down. Sher rushes to care for his mum. Bhanvri plans this to send Sher and Chanda away from home on their honeymoon. Sher refuses, but Bhanvri sends him by insisting. Shraddha does aarti and prays for her child’s safety. She falls off by the oily slippery floor. Sher gets informed of this accident and gets worried for Shraddha and his child. Will Sher be able to protect her? Keep reading.


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