Gayatri to prove Sulakshana’s truth to Rana ji….



Rana ji gives throne to his first wife Sulakshana. Gayatri is shocked and hurt, feels betrayed by Rana ji. Rana ji has done injustice with Gayatri being helpless. Rana ji takes Gayatri’s throne and makes Sulakshana sit on it, after doing her tilak. Sulakshana feels bad for Gayatri. Sulakshana says she has returned after 6 years, and was unaware of his second marriage. It is actually Sulakshana’s look alike and it is Dadi’s conspiracy to separate Rana ji and Gayatri. Gayatri will shake hands with Badi Rani and deal with Sulakshana.

Rana ji will soon come to know that the lady is not his first wife Sulakshana, but someone with the fake mask. Sulakshana removes the mask. Gayatri comes there to her room and Sulakshana acts like sleeping. Fake Sulakshana is fooling Gayatri and Rana ji, but she is trapped today. When she removed the mask, Gayatri came in her room. She could not wear mask again and covered herself with the blanket. Gayatri showed some care and kept juice glass there. Gayatri turns spy having doubt on Sulakshana. She will be bringing the lady’s truth out. Keep reading.



  1. I cannot understand Ranaji’s undying love for Bari. He is a big man and can’t he see how Bari insults his mother Rajmata all the time AND SHE ignores the steps but only picks on Rajmata

    Come on Ranaji!!


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