Naksh-Tara’s love to face much opposition…


yeh ris

Akshara and Naitik’s beach romance goes on in Goa. She apologizes to Naitik. Naitik tells her that he has come here to make her mood happy. Naksh waits for Tara. He gets a special gift for Dadi. Dadi likes the gift a lot. Naksh proposed Tara and they mutally express love. Naksh’s purpose to come Goa gets fulfilled. Tara is worried for Dada ji and Sangram’s reaction. Dada ji does an acting of fake heart attack and laughs seeing everyone worried. Akshara slaps Naksh seeing him with Tara at the chapel and scolds Tara and Naksh. She takes away Naksh, while Tara cries.

Akshara came to know that Naksh lied to her in Goa. She cries and shares her pain with Naitik. She is shocked to know that Naksh has stolen Akshara’s necklace for Tara. Naksh is exposed infront of Akshara, and knows about his lies. Akshara blames herself for Naksh’s doings and tells Naitik that she has failed as a mother. Naitik tries to give her strength and wipes her tears. He tells we have tried to give good values from our side. Will Naksh confesses to his doings and lies? Keep reading.


  1. omg no serious reactions please
    akshara n natik are cool parents hope they dont loose patience so soon for his son n daughter. solve this soon please


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