Dadi’s birthday celebrations in Goa; Akshara disapproves Tara…


yeh ris

Akshara and Naitik celebrate Karwachauth. Their love is growing. Naitik makes it special for her. He gifts a red saree and decorates the place. Akshara and Naitik’s romance moments flow in after the fast completes. The Singhania couple then goes to Rajshri house and prepare for their Goa trip to give birthday memories to Akshara’s Dadi.

Akshara and Naitik comes to Goa on an outing with their kids and family. Naitik takes the selfie with the young ladies. They are celebrating Akshara’s Dadi birthday. Naksh comes for Tara. There is a twist with outing also. Naksh takes Tara to the beautiful Chapel to marry her. He convinces priest also. Akshara reaches there and slaps Naksh hard. Tara tries to speak, but Akshara asks her to keep quiet as she is talking to her son. She drags him from there. She feels her son has forgotten her values and was marrying Tara secretly. She thinks parents would have agreed if he told them. Naksh and Tara have started loving each other and are busy romancing. It is yet to be seen if Tara’s Dada will agree or not. Dadi will go missing. Tara helps Dadi. Tara definitely has good values, and she holds Dadi when she fell down near the sea. Will Akshara accept Tara as her daughter-in-law? Keep reading.


  1. The love story of Naksh n Tara is so interesting and excited to see. There parents would accept their relationship and should forget all the rifts between the two families.


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