Pari’s sudden marriage to create chaos and drama….


mere angne mein4

Pari has got married and came home. Shanti gets angry. Shanti and Sarla are fighting with the neighbors. Neighbors asks Sarla about her daughter Pari, and says she has eloped and has trapped a rich guy. They taunt Shanti and Sarla. Sarla gets angry and beats them. Sarla’s bahu Rani also joins them and taunts Sarla. Sarla beats her up. Ashok asks Sarla to leave Rani. Sarla asks why is Rani saying nonsense about Pari? Rani tells that she also loves her nanand, but the truth about Pari is bitter.


Later, Pari goes to her inlaws home. Shivam and Amit beat up Sujeev, Vyom and Mama ji. Pari has married Sujeev, but Sharmili does not welcome her well. Sharmili taunts her a lot, then Pari’s brothers come there. Shivam and Amit do not know whom did Pari marry, Vyom or Sujeev. Pari signs towards Vyom, Sujeev and Mama ji. Shivam beats Mama ji. Mama ji stops Shivam and says I m the groom’s Mama. Shivam leaves him, and asks Pari to tell the truth. Shivam and Amit beat Sujeev. Sujeev gets angry and beats Shivam. Sujeev says this is my home and kicks Shivam and Amit out. Shanti and Raghav do not know about Pari’s marriage till now. What will be Shanti’s reaction knowing about Pari’s reaction? Keep reading.


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