Some shows entertains you, others make you irritate and force you to think why such shows are still running, it has to go off air. I would like to say about Saath Nibhana Saathiya. I think the show lacks consistency in entertaining viewers by logical tracks. Madhuben has taken a entry to hurt Kokila without any valid reason, and Gaura along with Meera is hurting Kokila and Modi family for years long revenge. Gaura is putting her whole family at risk to take revenge for her brother’s death. These are unnecessary changes to the main story. I really like Vidya, she looks very innocent and her character is very strong. Definitely the Creative team have to make changes to the story, this current track does not go good with me. Gaura turned very violent. She first tortured the girls and now murdering Kokila.

TR would like to thank Teji for the input.

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  1. Yes your totally right!! The show is getting worse and worse and i stopped watching it since radha died!! It was an interesting drama when there were rashi and radha!! Rashia used to entertain us and on the other hand radha used to do new interesting things to modi family lol but revenge bad motives murder mystery this aint important in a drama!! Its even more worse than yhm

  2. Yes above is totally correct.
    Why would Maduben wants to take revenge from Modis after ages and even doing nothing wrong. It’s ridiculous. And having a blood relationship will Meera really behave like that just for the saying of Gaura.? I’ve been a very good fan of SNS ever since it started but now I think I should stop

  3. The idea of turning daughter against parents and family is what really got me irritated, this show is supposed to show the values of family and togetherness not this revenge and murder plot I am really disappointed with the writers of this show

  4. paaghal samaj rahea kho kyaa hame. kyaa ithna hi aap is serial kho bakvaas kar sakthe hai. Jabthak Rashi zindha thi thabthak yeah serial acha tha par ab …. is serial kho tamilnadu mei baitkar he deakha nahi jaatha, aap kaisea isa north India mei baitkar isa dheak rahea ho? Please if you don’t know to proceed this serial end it.


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