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Sarojini: Mannu informs the family about her pregnancy. Somendra gets shocked knowing this. Nirjara slaps Mannu for blaming Somendra and doing fake pregnancy drama.

MATSH: Sharman spots Ranveer eating non vegetarian food. He gets shocked and tells Ishaani about this. Ishani worries for Ranveer and rushes to meet a doctor. Ishani will be knowing the twin brother’s truth.

Swaragini: Ragini tries to instigate Laksh against Sanskaar again. She tells him that Sanskaar is pushing away Swara from himself and letting her go to Laksh, so that Swara’s goodness makes her stay back with Sanskaar seeing his selfless nature. She tells Laksh that Sanskaar will not let Laksh win back his love. Laksh falls in her clever trap and gets angry on Sanskaar. Salman and Sonam will be appearing in the show to promote their film. The Diwali celebrations in the show will bring many big twists in Swara’s life.

Piya Rangrezz: Bhanvri is angered when Mama tells her that Sher will first meet his wife, and then his mother. Bhanvri feels bad. Sher makes Chanda angry by flirting with a dancer infront of her.

ETRETR: Badi Rani Maa’s true face is out. Her intentions get known, as she wishes to dethrone Rana ji. She wants her actual grandson to sit on Rana ji’s throne. She is making all plans to take away all rights from Rana ji.

Udaan: Imli gets angry when the villagers try to make Kasturi believe that Chakor is alive. Imli tells Chagan that Chakor has died and will never come back. Kasturi gets thinking and believes Chakor’s death. During Diwali festival in village, Chakor plans to meet Kasturi and assure Kasturi of her existence. Chunni lands in Aazaadgunj. Chunni spots Kasturi caught in fire and saves her. Kasturi assumes Chunni to be Chakor. Chunni asserts she is Chakor and brings happiness in Kasturi’s life. What will Chakor do now to prove her identity and existence?

IKRS: Dasharath wants Viplav to be away from Dhaani. He asks the servants to decorate the house with lights. Tripurari keeps an eye on Viplav on Dasharath’s orders. Dasharath gets determined to make Viplav to stop supporting the ashram widows.

YRKKH: Naksh and Tara spend quality time in Goa. Akshara gets angry seeing Naksh with Tara. Tara gets the news from Aditya, that Dada ji has fixed her marriage with someone. She worries and informs this to Naksh. Naksh gets heartbroken and then determines to face Dada ji and his family to bring Tara in his life.

Saathiya: Gaura continues to threaten Gopi and Modi family. Kokila is saved by Gopi. Seeing Kokila’s bad state, Gopi decides to end Gaura’s chapter for once and all. Gopi initiates an open war. Gaura starts hurting Modis, and Gopi finds hard to protect her family. Will Meera support Gopi?

Mere Angne Mein: Shanti is saddened by Pari’s sudden marriage. She asks Preeti to leave her job and be at home. Shanti makes sure Nimmi and Preeti does not run away to ruin their respect. Mohit asks Preeti to meet him once.


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