Rana ji surprises family by succeeding to clear all debts…



Rana ji and Gayatri have golden moments. They together do the diwali puja. Gayatri gets very glad. Maha aarti is going on and happiness has spread in the palace. Diwali has brought the happiness in their lives. The suspense comes, when Rana ji gets a money briefcase. Raj Mata gets surprise and did not know about it. Rana ji and Gayatri have sweets and smile.


Rana ji is in love with Gayatri, and has lit diya with her. He has accepted her and was expressing his wish this way. He wants to return the loan to Gayatri’s dad Seth Govind. Gayatri has made Rana ji fall in his love. Sulakshana gets jealous and thinks for new planning. Gayatri gets aarti close to Sulakshana, and Sulakshana moves back seeing the aarti fire, as mask will start melting. Sulakshana/Jhumki gets scared and lies to Gayatri that she is afraid of fire. Rana ji’s efforts win Gayatri’s heart. She gets proud seeing Rana ji keep their self esteem and repay the loan amount to her dad. What will Jhumki plan alongwith Badi Rani? Keep reading.


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