Highlight: Akshara to meet with a deadly accident…



After Naksh’s roka with Tara, Akshara stays worried for Tara’s Dada ji’s sudden mind change. Naitik pacifies her and asks her to accept this as fate. Naksh meets Tara post their Roka. Akshara worries for Naksh’s safety and recalls Dada ji’s warnings to not spare them. Dada ji acts sweet to Naksh, to win his trust. Sangram does not understand Dada ji’s decision for Naksh and Tara’s relation and suspects Dada ji is planning something.


Later on, Naitik and Akshara have a happy romantic moment after all the tension gets solved. Naitik gifts her beautiful earrings. Akshara and Naitik get time to spend together. She is going out for work, and Naitik stops her asking her to spend more time. Naitik feels she should not go at this time. She takes his concern light. He says he feels he is going very far from her and stops her. She says she has to attend her friend’s marriage. He insists and asks her to take Naksh along. Akshara goes out and meets with an accident. Is Dada ji responsible for Akshara’s accident? Keep reading.


  1. What? I really like Akshara. Hope she will not die. Thanks telly reviews for providing the accurate and prompt news to the most awaited viewers.

  2. akshara is soul of this serial.. without her .. it will be deficiency phase .. well let see what is actual twist in serial .. BT there should definitely going to happen some thing different.. kya kre ..tadka should necessary for TRP.. 🙂


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