Meera’s Draupadi chapter to create much chaos…



Kokila warns Gaura and says second round of your enmity have started. She reaches Gaura’s house and warns her to stop conspiring against them else this tigress will kill her. She says I will end your drama and will show how to fulfill the enmity. Gopi and her family are tensed and wonder where did Kokila go? Gaura will plan to do Meera’s Cheer Haran. Meera’s saree gets stuck in the machine.

Meera’s saree gets pulled by the machines and Meera gets worried. Dharam goes to rescue Meera. He hugs her and covers her up. Vidya rushes to Meera. Dharam feels bad seeing Meera cry. Dharam has always played games against Meera. Vidya scolds Gaura for this cheap trick. Dharam does not know Gaura has planned all this. Meera is thankful to Dharam to stand for her support. Vidya takes Meera to room. Gaura scolds Dharam for ruining her plan and gets upset. Gaura was planning to take revenge from Modis through Meera. Did Dharam started walking on right path? Keep reading.


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