Mega Twist: Ahem to die or survive?



Kokila gains consciousness. Jigar calls the Doctor. Kokila gets up and asks the doctor to call Ahem. Hetal says he will come now. Kokila asks where is he and asks her to call him. Gopi’s prayers are answered and Kokila gets well, but she calls for Ahem. Doctor asks her to calm down. Kokila continuously asks for Ahem and asks where did he go. It is a very serious situation as Kokila was unconscious since many days. She gets worried for her son and felt something wrong is going to happen with him. It is like telepathy between mother and son. She goes to Gaura’s house with Jigar and Hetal in hospital dress itself. They don’t know what they will do and think they will save Ahem. Ahem is in the same hospital and is taking care of Gopi. There will be big blast during Diwali when Gaura will play a big conspiracy against them.

Kokila dreams about Gopi, who cries and tells Kokila about Ahem’s death. Kokila is worried seeing Gopi in widow clothes. Gopi and Ahem went in Diwali party at Gaura’s home. They went to give Diwali gifts. Gaura sends Ahem to bathroom and makes him get dizzy by some chemical smoke there. Gopi does not eat sweets by Gaura’s hand. Ahem falls down outside the house. Gaura and Dharam make their men set up fire around Ahem. Gopi and her daughters scream seeing Ahem inside the fire ring. Gopi shouts and awakens Ahem. Ahem gets shocked seeing himself trapped in fire. Will Ahem die or survive? Keep reading.


  1. What nonsense!! Better end this drama everytime they show revenge dramas,melo dramas,deaths!! Now gopi’s mum is also negative!! For God Sake!! Stop this hell!! I have already stopped watching the drama,just read the spoilers but now after reading this spoiler,it really irritated me!!

  2. Die let him die
    We want a new serial now it’s going on a stupid track
    Kill also gopi there was no need to wake up kokila let her die
    Every one dies it will be cool

  3. Noooo we dont want Ahem to die..coz these days we have seen gopi wearing tooo good attire (sarees with superb blouse design ) and accesories .If Ahem dies then Directors will make gopi dress like a widow…and nooo we can’t miss gopis fasionalble sarees and Accesories…hey directors let Ahem get into Koma or let him undergo plastic that way serail can be dragged drastically and we will also not miss gopis fashionable sarres and accessories..


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