Sita’s brave nature gets evident by her stance in war…



Maharishi Gautam starts teaching Sita, wherein she starts asking him many questions. She asks about his wife Ahilya, and the reason for cursing Ahilya. Gautam is unable to tell about Ahilya’s infidelity and regrets for the curse. Gautam tells about a Raghuvanshi freeing Ahilya of the curse. Ram would be entering the cursed jungle as part of a tradition and step in the rock to free Ahilya. His pure soul and good heart will make him release Ahilya of the curse even after knowing her entire truth.

Ram and his brothers finish their education at Guru Vashisht’s ashram. They return to Ayodhya happily. While everyone is happy, Ram is worried for Ayodhya’s future. On the other hand, Dasharath fears for Ram’s safety. Later, Kushadwaj tells Janak about neighbor dynasty attacking on them. Janak wonders why are anyone attacking, when he did not attack any dynasty till now. He decides to save their Praja and Rajya. Kushadwaj prepares to go for the war, wherein Sita tells him that she will accompany him and fight in the war for Mithila.



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