Top Twisty Surprise Spoilers


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KumKum Bhagya:


Pragya and Abhi dance on the floor and rock the party. Pragya looks Abhi’s rockstar wife. Pragya is showing attitude. DJ Wale babu song plays in BG. Abhi and Pragya have come in disco. Abhi came for his meeting, while Pragya came to find psycho killer. Purab is also coming there. When Abhi and Pragya came together in the same disco, they were asked to dance. Pragya did not get psycho killer. Abhi gets surprised seeing Pragya dance so well. Abhi forgets some steps and then continues dancing. Pragya spots the killer and leaves from there suddenly. Abhi tries stopping her and also goes out after her.


Emily, Sooraj and Lokesh accept that they have killed Mohit. Emily, Sooraj and Lokesh stand holding the criminal details boards in their hands, just like prisoners. They all are trying a common truth, in order to save Bhabho, who is responsible for killing Mohit. Sandhya will get to know about this truth soon.

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Kuch To Hai Tere Meri Darmiyaan:

Koel and Maddy have married. Maddy asks Koel to go with Raj, as he married her just to save her from Samar. Koel goes with Maddy to his home. They have a talk about her present and future, and Koel gets emotional.

Sasural Simar Ka and Swaragini Maha Episode:

Indravati’s relative has come to take revenge from Simar. Simar gets shocked seeing the new witch. The witch enters her body. Simar gets clueless about her behavior. Simar goes to temple to pray. Swara has also reached there to pray for Ragini. Swara tells Simar that Ragini is kidnapped. Simar decides to help Swara in finding her sister. Swara and Simar’s Maha Episode will be interesting. Someone scares Swara at night in her house. Swara follows that person. She thinks someone wants to harm her. Swara informs Laksh about it.

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Ganga realizes Shanta is trying to take Kanta’s place in Chaturvedi house. She tells her observation to Kanta Amma ji. Kanta believes Ganga and gets into an argument with Shanta. Kanta goes to confront Shanta. Shanta cleanly denies the matter and puts the blame on Ganga. Shanta tells Kanta about puppy Jalebi Prasad, but fails to prove it. Kanta gets to see that puppy and creates a big scene at home. Kanta fumes on Ganga and Sagar, and gets fooled to believe Shanta again. Shanta succeeds in breaking Kanta’s home to some extent.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re:

Nandu gets heartbroken on Kaka’s death. She goes to find Rambhateri in the police station, as told by Kaka. She gets to know Rambhateri is not any prisoner in jail, but works as jail staff in reforming the prisoners. She meets Rambhateri in the jail mess, where a criminal attacks Nandu. Nandu witnesses Rambhateri’s different and solid ways to change anyone’s evil into good. Nandu gets impressed and gets saved by Rambhateri. She feels only Rambhateri can make Model town get rid of Raavan. Raju will be facing Rambhateri in his rowdy style. Rambhateri will take the first challenge to change Raju.

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Siya Ke Ram:

Ram meets Kaushalya after meeting his other mothers Sumitra and Kaikeyi. Kaushalya gets sad as Ram met her at last. Dasharath was also afraid knowing Kaushalya’s emotional state, that she would be very sad when Ram makes delay in meeting her. Ram apologizes to Kaushalya and makes her smile by his sweet words. Ram spots the gold idol made for a child. He questions Kaushalya about it. Kaushalya tells them the truth of his sister Shanta. Ram gets stunned knowing he had a sister. Kaushalya tells him that Shanta is not dead yet, which makes Ram determined to know the entire story which is related to Dasharath’s decision of choosing his sons over his daughter.

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