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Badi Rani got happy when she thought her dream would fulfilled and Gayatri is killed. She wears the crown happily thinking Gayatri went away from their life. She gets shocked seeing Gayatri returning and singing old classic song. She gets tensed thinking her plan might be exposed. Very soon Gayatri will expose her. She has returned to take revenge on her and no one can save Badi Rani now from the wounded queen. Gayatri plays hide and seek with Badi Rani. Gayatri hides and pops up infront of Badi Rani all of the sudden. Badi Rani screams seeing her. Rana ji hears all the conversation and is shocked.

Bhabhi ji:

Tiwari and Vibhuti gets scared and sit with their respective wives. They think to play game and call Vibhuti’s Nana’s soul, but someone else soul comes. They get scared with the strange happenings around them. Viewers will get to see the ghost track in the show.


Ritik romances Shivanya during their wedding night, but she resists and looks at the full moon. Ritik tells that he was going to married to someone else, but he loves her and God has made them together. Shivanya is shocked. Naagin has showed her true face to Ritik infront of moon. Ritik is shocked and asks who is she? She holds his head and tries to bite him. She has taken revenge and bitten him. It’s Shivanya’s dream as nothing will happen to Ritik as he is show’s hero and this naagin has started loving him. Later Ritik takes out the thorn from her feet and she gets touched by his gesture. They have a romantic moment.


Raman and Ishita’s car breaks down in the jungle. A black masked man tried to divert them. The man puts soil over the body and leaves. Ishita screams seeing a dead body there. She shows the body to Raman. Raman calls police there. The police get a cufflink there, which Raman identifies. Raman doubts on Neil Pathak. Neil is arrested. Raman and Ishita meet him in police station. Rinki’s murder case is solved, but Neil is put behind bars for some other murder case. Neil is accused and is silent. Raman asks him about the girl with whom he was linked. He asks him to share his personal problems and maybe Raman can help him out. Raman and Ishita ask him to tell the truth as police got watchman’s dead body in Neil’s car. Neil shouts and says he is innocent. Raman and Ishita doubt his hand in Rinki’s murder.


Yuvraaj gets correct DNA reports, by silently getting the DNA test done of Gauri and him. He was believing Suhani and also found a relation with Gauri when she called him his his childhood nickname Vyu. He gets glad that he got his sister back, whom Dadi pronounced dead for Birla family. Yuvraaj regrets to lose his trust on Dadi for cheating them all these years and keeping a little girl away from her mother. He wants to know the reason from Dadi and gives her last chance to speak up. Dadi is still acting as her mother Sunanda’s personality. She does not answer him. Yuvraaj sees her swapping between Chandrakala and Sunanda for her convenience. He breaks down and is hurt by Dadi’s evil deed.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya has exposed Sarla and made Shanti hate her even more. Shanti is angry as Sarla fell in Raghav’s eyes because of Riya. Shanti ended relations with Sarla when her truth came out, but later she forgives Sarla and helps in freeing Amit from the goons. Shanti does a tough Tapasya to roll on floor and reach temple to pray, while Kaushalya also does the same with Shanti. Shanti takes an oath to kick out Riya from Shanti Sadan within a month. She starts scheming. She creates a big scene telling Raghav that Riya has given her wrong medicines. Raghav worries for Shanti’s health and scolds Riya.


Ishani cries seeing her brother dead. Sharman is dead, and family grieves over his death. There is an emotional scene. When Ishani got this news at home, Sharman’s mother does not believe this and asks how dare Ishani tells such unfortunate news. Ishani hugs her and consoles. Sharman’s dead body is brought there. Family thinks Ranvir has killed Sharman, wherein Milan is responsible for Sharman’s death. Sharman came to knew Milan is Ranvir’s brother, and Milan is staying with Ishani in Ranvir’s place. Sharman’s parents are against Ranvir.


Modi house had big drama. Meera argues with Kokila and says you have showed your true face. Kokila is angry on Urmila and breaks all her relations with Urmila. Meera supports Urmila. Kokila says she is helpless by Urmila’s doings, and tells everyone that Urmila is not mad. Meera and Vidya had come to Modi house for dinner for the first time with their husbands. Kinjal and Urmila get into an argument during dinner. Kokila supports Kinjal. Urmila argues with Kokila and says she will not forget this insult. Urmila created a scene infront of Gopi’s son in laws. Kokila could not bear this and pushes Urmila. Meera holds Urmila and says my Nani is not helpless, she will stay with me in my Sasural. She takes a stand for Urmila. Urmila comes to Gaura’s house and asks Gaura to let Urmila stay with them. Kokila asks Urmila to leave from her house. Urmila apologizes to her. Hetal asks Kokila to calm down. All the Modi family is against Gaura and Dharam, but very Soon Dharam will favor Modis.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan sees Thapki crying and consoles her. He asks will she help him in exposing Shraddha. Thapki agrees and is more determined to bring truth out. Thapki thinks how to get Shraddha’s reality known to everyone. Meanwhile, Thapki and Bihaan think of finding some way and have a romantic moment. Dhruv and Shraddha are engaged. Thapki and Bihaan want to expose Shraddha soon before Dhruv’s marriage with Shraddha. Bihaan and Thapki are coming closer while bringing out Shraddha’s truth. While they were arguing, they fall down on the floor. The flowers fall on Bihaan and Thapki. They have seen Shraddha talking to her BF, and named him as Chipku in her phone contacts. Bihaan and Thapki notice Shraddha getting nervous by that phone call, and decide to find about Shraddha’s BF. Thapki and Bihaan will expose Shraddha soon. Thapki will also know Vasundara has forced Bihaan to marry Thapki.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni and Raghu are coming close. Roshni has seen the same tattoo made on Raghu’s arm, which is similar to Sid. She doubts that Raghu is Sid. She romances with him. Raghu and Sid are similar. Raghu is not a bad guy. Raghu thinks Roshni is coming to closer to him thinking he is Sid. He moves her away and scolds her. He leaves from there. He thinks this would clear Roshni’s doubts. Roshni recalls Sid and the FB where Roshni beats him with pillows. Sid and Roshni’s sweet romantic memories makes Roshni cry. Sid is acting as Raghu to be a good Jamai Raja and free DD from jail. He is doing everything for Roshni’s happiness.


  1. Yes please can we have kuch to hai tere mere darmiyan

    Yes please can we have kuch to hai tere mere darmiyan

    Yes please can we have kuch to hai tere mere darmiyan

    Thanks for the updates so far
    They have always been sufficient for me and I know that many others like ur updates so please please it’s a request to add mor drama spoilers from star plus ,star life ok and rishtey (colours)


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