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Ragini has slapped Laksh and shouts on him angrily. She says I will write Maheshwari family’s destiny and takes the locker keys in her hand. She used to wear traditional sarees before also, but now she has a make over. She has changed and she will be going to be head of the family. She slaps Laksh hard and says you have seen love till now, and now you will see my hatred. One thing has not changed and grew even more is Ragini’s hatred. Laksh wanted to kill Ragini to get rid of her and also trap Sanskaar in the plan. Laksh wanted to win Swara. Ragini says her slap is justified. Swara and Ragini’s equation have changed, and the owner of the house is changed. All the property and house keys came in Ragini’s hands. Ragini and Laksh are fighting over divorce. Ragini tears the divorce papers. Ragini has given tough slap to Laksh. She has decided to give him an angry answer. She says she will not give him divorce. Ragini’s hatred will punish Laksh now. Ragini told him she won’t sign on divorce papers and burns the divorce papers. Ragini’s hatred will bring a new twist in Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh’s life.

Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli shouts at Dadisaa for scolding her mum and asking where did she take her. Nimboli refuses to stay in the house where the people insults her mum. Anandi and Dadisaa are shocked to see her anger.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv and Shraddha got married and Thapki couldn’t do anything. Dhruv takes pheras with Shraddha and makes her wear mangalsutra on her neck. Shraddha’s conspiracy is successful and she gets married to him. Dhruv waits for Thapki to confess her love for him, but Thapki couldn’t come in time. She comes late and shows the audio proof to Dhruv against Shraddha. Dhruv refuses to hear anything and bursts out his anger on her as the proof doesn’t make any difference now. Dhruv bluntly tells that Thapki and Dhruv are separated now, and have no love. He tells as you are staying with Bihaan after marriage, I will fulfill my marriage with Shraddha. Bihaan will fall in love with Thapki soon and it will be known by Dhruv.


Dadda ji came to take Akshara from heaven. Will Akshara go with Dadda ji or prefer to stay with her alive family. Akshara imagines Naitik, Naksh and Naira stopping her and asking her not to go. Akshara asks them to stop her as Dadda ji is taking her to heaven. Dadda ji tells that I have come here to take you. Akshara loves her family very much and don’t want to go. Naitik and her kids cry asking her not to leave them. Akshara cries and feels helpless as Dadda ji is taking her forcibly. Naitik gets a bad dream where he sees Akshara is leaving him forever. He is in hospital and sees Akshara going away, while the ward boy tells him that Akshara died. But his dream was out of fear, Akshara gets fine and family gets thankful to Lord.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Ghost enters Angoori Bhabhi after staring her face for long. Tiwari ji romances with Angoori and says he wants to compliment her eyes. Angoori opens her eyes shocking Tiwari ji as he sees her chudail eyes. She takes him under the blanket. Tiwari ji gets shocked and runs away. Angoori gets up from bed and walks. Chudail will romance with Tiwari and he will think that Angoori is romancing with him. Terrified Tiwari ji runs away. Later on, Angoori is glad that Vibhuti is gifting her a diamond ring. Vibhuti comes near kitchen window and gets a big diamond ring to please her. Tiwari will not get such ring being a miser. Angoori is sad that Tiwari can’t afford a ring. When she sees a ring Vibhuti got, she accepts it. Vibhuti did not buy the ring and borrows from Saxena. Angoori likes the ring a lot. When the ring chapter gets known, Anita will also demand a ring. Vibhuti will be stuck.

Satrangi Sasural:

Aarushi’s sister put have oil on the temple stairs to make Kaira fall from the stairs, but destiny has other plans. Suddenly it starts raining and Vihaan lifts her in his arms and walks on the stairs. Vihaan and Kaira perform the rituals for Aarushi. Vihaan fulfills the rasam by lifting Kaira and he climbs the temple stairs in heavy rains Vihaan has done the Tapasya which pandit told him. The pandit instructed him to take Kaira inside temple and ring bell at the end, to get Aarushi’s soul peace. The pandit blesses Vihaan and Kaira to be together. They didn’t fall because of the rain. The red veil woman is keeping an eye on them and is waiting in the temple. New twist in the show is a new bride for Vihaan. Second bride comes to marry Vihaan. Kaira is shocked seeing the other lady.


Sooraj is taken by the jail staff as Sooraj is getting hanged. Sandhya stops him. She asks him what is he hiding from her, and cries on his silence. Sooraj is chained as criminals. Sandhya can’t bear this sight. Sandhya asks him not to do this and asks him to think about family. Sooraj does not listen to her and is taking someone’s blame on him. She asks what will happen of her after he dies. He is hiding a big truth, and the truth will come out one day. Sooraj is doing this for Bhabho and cries all night knowing he is going to be hanged. Sooraj does not get hanged in nick of the time, as lady stops them.

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Ranvir is scared seeing the reaction on his face. Ranvir is feeling ashamed and running away by the murder blame. Ishani pacifies him. Ranvir asks Ishani to get away and not see his face. She tells him he is her life and they both cry. Ishani supports him and tells him that his face does not bring any difference in their love, she knows his worth. She does not care how he looks, and stops him. Ishani takes Ranvir to police station. She explains him not to run away, as their case will become weak. She pacifies Ranvir. Ranvir then surrenders to police. Ishani breaks down. Shikhar consoles her and promises to help Ranvir. Despite all problems, Ranvir and Ishani’s relation will turn more stronger.


Shivanya and Sesha know 5 people have killed their family. Sesha dresses in short clothes and pretends that her car broke down. Sesha traps Suri. She wants to check if Suri is one of them. She attracts Suri towards her. Suri finds Sesha alone at night and offers help to drop her home. Suri asks Sesha to come with her. He falls in her trap. A Garud/hawk attacks on Sesha. Sesha shows her true Naagin avatar. Sesha fights with the hawk and Suri gets shocked seeing her Naagin avatar. He runs from there. Ritik’s mum comes to know about Hawks being Naagin’s biggest enemy and Naagin can’t get saved from the hawk. Ritik’s mum is alert knowing Naagin is hiding inside her home. Ritik’s mum tries to keep Naagin away from her home. The hawk troubles Shivanya. What will Shivanya and Sesha do to get saved by hawks?

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KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi has come to know the contract killer after Pragya. He beats the contract killer and scolds him. He asks does he know what happens when someone is killed. He slaps the killer. Tanu, Aaliya and Raj has called killer back to kill Pragya. The trio get tensed. The killer has ethics and did not name his client at first. Then police comes there and killer names Abhi for killing Pragya. Pragya scolds the killer and slaps him. Pragya asks killer to say truth and that’s its his last option. The killer names Aaliya for hiring him. Aaliya says we don’t know if Pragya is saying true or not. Abhi questions Aaliya a lot. Aaliya says killer is lying. Abhi asks why will he lie. Aaliya puts all blame on Pragya. Abhi does not believe Aaliya this time.


Gayatri is sad by all the happenings around them recently. Rana ji finds her upset and teases her to make her smile. They got some peace after many problems. Rana ji is romancing with Gayatri. They have a dance under the sky. Gayatri hugs him. They spend quality time and are glad to be together. Another twist is the entry of Gayatri’s new lover.The lover challenges Rana ji that he will take Gayatri. Gayatri worries seeing the psycho lover. Rana ji comes to her rescue and takes her with him.


Kokila makes food for poor people and is having good deeds. While Gaura is having a fight with Urmila at home. Gaura challenges Urmila and asks her to do anything, but she won’t be affected.


Ishita was trying to hide the truth from her family and Raman, but now the truth is out infront of Ashok. Ashok sees Ishita taking Shagun somewhere while she is unwell. Shagun was closed in the store room, and Ashok tried to peep in the room to know about the person who is hiding. When he couldn’t see her face, he tries to break open the door with the keys, but when he fails. He then uses mosquito killer smoke machine to make the room smoky so that the person suffocates and comes out eventually. Finally truth comes out infront of him. Ishita comes there to save Shagun and take her out of the store room. Ashok comes to know that Ishita is not possessed by the ghost as she is pretending and claiming, and Shagun is very much alive. He thinks they are upto some big conspiracy against him. Ishita takes her to hospital. Ashok goes to confront them, as shown in the promo before.

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Udaan and Balika Vadhu Maha Episode:

Chakor’s devotion makes Bhaiya ji understand that Chakor is alive. He does not know about the twin sisters truth and assumes Chakor was fooling him as Chunni till now. He gets angry and finds Chakor in Chunni’s disguise. Chakor falls in problem and meets Nimboli. Bhaiya ji catches them. Chakor and Nimboli have met before in Mela. Chakor gets glad seeing Nimboli again at the temple. Bhaiya ji gets suspicious and says this would be Chakor herself. Nimboli faints and Chakor takes cares of her. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she will stay with Nimboli. Chakor’s good heartedness makes her identity revealed. Nimboli and Chakor will face the problems together in Mahasangam episode.

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  1. So in KKB Alylia wants her family to believe that Pragya hired a killer to kill herself!!!! That story has got to be the MOST ridiculous show on ALL TV stations in the WORLD.


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