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Median zing spoilers



Shikhar has returned in the show to save Ranvir. He notes about Milan and Ranvir. He finds the differences between them. Shikhar has come to help Ishani. Ishani called him for help. Ranvir feels he will be dying and asks Shikhar to modify his will. Ranvir wants Ishani to be happy and name all his property to Ishani. Shikhar will be helping Ishani. Ranvir and Ishani argue. Shikhar advises Ranvir to focus on his health and get fine. Ishani is relieved that Shikhar will solve this problem now.


Nandu and Rambhateri are getting together to save Model town. Raju is continuing his rowdy ways. Rambhateri gets her first task to reform the cheating husband. She figures out the man who is having affair and wants to make him value his wife. She thinks this will be first step towards in ending Raavan in everyone’s hearts. Raju spots Jaggu talking to his boss. He hears everything how Jaggu created the fear in model town residents by spoiling Rashmi’s marriage, watering havan kund fire and then igniting the fire in Diwali function. Raju beats up Jaggu and wants to find for whom is Jaggu working.


Shivanya gets a bad dream and gets scared in sleep. She fears of some one attacking her. Ritik sleeps on the ground and wakes up. Shivanya sleeps on the bed and gets restless in sleep. Shivanya starts screaming in sleep. Ritik holds her and tries to calm her. Shivanya asks him to leave her and pushes him. She wakes him up and sees him. He says he did not do anything, she has beaten him. She says she has seen a bad dream, someone was attacking her in dream. Shivanya is fighting in her dream. Ritik is clueless about her Naagin truth. He asks her not to sleep, as she will get a dream again. He tells her to talk to him all night, so that her fear gets away. He rests in her lap and sleeps after talking for some time. Shivanya makes him sleep on the bed and rests on the floor thinking of her bad dream.


Emily goes to do Mohit’s peace puja. The pandit asks for time of death. Sooraj tells the exact time. Satya talks to pandit and gets to get of Sooraj. This make Satya doubt on Sooraj. The case investigation gets ahead. Emily and Lokesh have confused Satya a lot. Satya is sure that he will find the culprit, and now has to question Sooraj. Satya tells Sandhya that Sooraj has told pandit about exact time of death. Sandhya is shocked as she knows Sooraj can’t harm anyone, her heart and mind are saying different things. Emily knows the culprit and is protecting the killer. Sooraj, Emily and Lokesh are trying to confuse police to not let Sandhya reach Mohit’s murderer.


Mannu tries to woo Somendra. She has kicked out Sarojini from her house and is trying to attract Somendra. Somendra gets angry seeing her. Somendra says she is crossing limits. Somendra does not react to her attempts. Somendra finds Mannu very clever, whereas Sarojini is helpless.


Rana ji is in problem again, but his Rani will be saving him. Rana ji is caught by the goons. Badi Rani’s men have tied Rana ji and made him helpless to sit near lake. Rana ji will be free soon, as Gayatri will come to free him. The new twist will show Gayatri’s bravery and her new look, which will take Rana ji by a surprise.

Qubool Hai:

Mahira is marrying Armaan for the sake of Kainat. Kainat is becoming pregnant before marriage and Mahira is marrying to cover up Kainat’s name. Mahira does not love Armaan, its just tashan, she is doing all this for Kainat. Mahira will be marry Armaan in Qubool hai. Mahira dislikes Armaan. The qazi makes Armaan and Mahira married by all rituals. It will be seen how she falls in love with Armaan.


There is a slapping melodrama in the show. Ragini’s Dadi scolds Sanskaar’s sister Uttara. Uttara gets slapped by her family. Laksh can’t see Uttara get slapped and stops everyone. He consoles Uttara. Uttara says she is not behind Ragini’s kidnapping. Swara takes Uttara’s side and takes time to find out the culprit. Ragini cries, while Dadi consoles her. Swara was doubting Sanskaar seeing him burn the shawl. She decides to find the reason why Sanskaar is burning the shawl. Swara does not have any clue to point out anyone. She investigates the matter on her level and tries knowing the person who has attacked Ragini at night.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya is worried seeing the tension in Shanti Sadan. Riya decided to unite the family. Shivam asks her not to do anything for family’s interest. Riya says he can’t stop her as she cares for the family. Riya plans a family get together so that everyone gets happy. Shanti gets angry seeing Riya taking decisions herself. Shanti plans something to fail Riya. Shanti can’t bear to see Riya winning in the family rule game.


Chakor is very happy to know about her twin sister Chunni. Even Chunni has accepted this truth heartily and rejoicing the family’s love. She takes Chakor’s help to meet Kasturi at night. Chunni sleeps in Kasturi’s lap and gets peace. Chakor does not get upset and is glad that Chunni is getting all the deserved love which she missed out till now in her life. Chakor wishes to protect Chunni from all the problems. Chunni was getting beaten up by Tejaswini, and Chakor saves her. Chakor gets hit and hurt. Chakor then gets a shocking news about Soham informing police that Chakor is alive, so that Chunni gets arrested. Chakor thinks to save Chunni somehow.

Sumit Sambhal Lega:

Dolly and Maya want to get Simran back in Rajneesh’s life. Simran comes to Walia family and is annoyed with Rajneesh. Dolly gets obsessed to get Simran and Rajneesh together. She seeks Maya’s help. Dolly and Maya provoke Rajneesh about getting Simran back. Simran tells Dolly that she can’t forget about Reema. Simran is not ready to patch up with Rajneesh. Sumit realized Dolly’s plans and tries to alert Rajneesh. Rajneesh gets hurt realizing Dolly and Maya’s plan.


Simar comes home and family gets glad seeing her. Simar makes an idol by much hardwork. Simar tells Devika that Anjali will also help in making the idol. Devika sends Anjali away and Simar gets tired making the idol alone. Simar and Anjali leave from Devika’s house. Simar realizes Anjali picks the doll from Devika’s home and is upset with her. Devika gets shocked seeing doll missing. She recalls Anjali taking the doll and worries as the doll has her soul trapped in it.



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