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Median zing spoilers


Ragini tells her Dadi that she will take revenge from everyone who has hurt her. She made a chart and kept note on what to snatch from that person. Ragini shares her plans with Dadi. She hides that chart behind a family photo frame. Bajirao Mastani stars have come in Swaragini. Ranvir performs in the show to promote his film. Deepika is also with him. Ranvir and Deepika came to make moment colorful. Bajirao has saved Sanskaar’s life in the show. Swara comes to convince Sanskaar. The goons attack Sanskaar. Bajirao and Mastani teach Swara the love lesson. Swara thinks she loves Sanskaar and is dependent on him. She hopes she patches up with Sanskaar. Ragini is wearing Burqa and is after them. She wants to take proof against Durga Prasad, by which Swara and Sanskaar can save Durga Prasad. Ragini does not want Durga Prasad to get free and wants that proof.

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Meera is celebrating Dharam’s birthday. Dharam wishes him birthday and gets romantic. Dharam is in love with Mera. He liked the birthday surprise by Meera and wanted to kiss her. Meera gets tensed. Urmila stops them and pops up from the table. She asks Dharam to cut the cake. Dharam gives the cake and sends Urmila out. He wanted to spend romantic time with Meera. Gaura and her relatives come there. Gaura asks Dharam to attend guests. Gaura came to stop Dharam and Meera’s romance. Meera has got Gaura and Dharam’s pic on the cake. She cuts Gaura’s pic and asks Gaura to eat the cake. She tells Gaura that she will cut Gaura from Dharam’s life as well.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni romantically hug. Sid and Roshni are spending time together being away from everyone. Roshni does not like Sid becoming Raghu and romancing with Shabnam. Roshni cries and asks Sid not to go. Roshni stopped Sid, but the romance stops as mom comes there. Roshni denies everything and worries. Twinkle will be seen with them in the Mahaepisode episode of Tashan e Ishq and Jamai Raja. Twinkle is trapped, she is helpless and fell in a conspiracy. The Mahaepisode will show how her friends come and help her. Kunj and Sid will help Twinkle.

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Sooraj has kidnapped Sandhya, so that Bhabho lives for Jaipur peacefully. Sooraj does not want Sandhya to arrest him infront of Bhabho. He wants to delay the matter for some time. Satya and Emily find out Sandhya and ask her who has done all this with her. Sandhya is in dilemma as Sooraj has tied her. Sandhya tells everyone that Sooraj has tied her. Babasa scolds Sooraj and asks why did he do all this. Sandhya is also not able to understand. She feels Sooraj knows hidden truth and is not telling her. Everyone is shocked seeing Sooraj do a crime. Sooraj admits of killing Mohit, which gets unbelievable for family. Sandhya will be freeing Sooraj from this pain soon.

Satrangi Sasural:

Kaira gets dressed as a bride. Vihaan will be marrying her. Kaira does not reach the mandap, whereas Vihaan marries the other girl. Kaira is chosen by her Dadi, and another one is chosen by his mum. Two brides come home with him and their Grah pravesh is done.

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Shivanya is worried as astrologer told Ritik that he has danger from his wife. He trusts Shivanya blindly. His mom is worried for him. Shivanya and Sesha have to think something soon. Ritik and Shivanya have a sweet moment when she tries to stop him from seeing the photo. Ritik teases her. They both come closer by the pic snatching matter. Ritik gets Shivanya’s childhood pic and Shivanya does not want him to see her parents. She is scared that her truth will come out, but instead Ritik brings her emotions out. Shivanya gets all her memories of her dead parents and cries. She has reasons to hide her parents’ pic. Ritik wanted to surprise Shivanya with the pic. Ritik is going to frame the pic and hang on the wall. Shivanya refuses for it as the enemies will recognize her seeing the pic. Ritik is trying to become a good husband. Shivanya goes to attack Suri. She gets into her Naagin avatar to bite him. Suri has a protective ring with him and believes Naagin will not be able to harm him.

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There is a leap in the show again. Ishani and Ranvir have turned much modern. Ishani has indo western look after the one year leap. She has broke up with Ranvir and has a new guy in her life. Ranvir is angry seeing Ishani with Mohit. Ranvir sees them in the party and throws Ishani’s ring. Mohit steps on the ring and crushes their relation. Ranvir and Ishani’s equations have changed. Mohit will be interfering in their lives. Ranvir will be angry to lose his love and get cheated again. The love-hate story will start again.


Paatali Devi has entered Khushi. Khushi pushes Simar from the stairs. Khushi is blamed for all this. Khushi shows Devika’s truth that she is a Daayan. Prem and everyone worry for Simar. Paatali Devi has tackled two targets Simar and Khushi in one go.


Rana ji and Avdesh take some weapons and fight in the Raj Mahal. There is a challenge between them. Avdesh and Rana ji have a fight in Ameerkot. There is much more to see. Gayatri plans a dinner date for Rana ji. She lights candles and decorates the dinner table to surprise Rana ji. Avdesh comes there. Gayatri assumes its Rana ji and hugs him. Avdesh spoils the date plan and she gets upset.


Raman and Ishita reached the hospital. They get treated and come home. Ishita apologizes to him for entire story. Ashok threatens Ishita of exposing her plans. Ishita asks Ashok to go ahead and prove anything, and is confident that her family will support her. Ashok wants to expose Ishita and Shagun’s plan. Ashok gets Raman and his family to Abhishek’s house. He tells then Shagun is alive, and she is hiding at Abhishek’s house. Abhishek and Ishita act scared infront of Ashok to fool him. Ashok gets sure Shagun is hiding there, but he fails. Ishita has shifted Shagun to Prateek’s house. Raman calls Ashok mad to assume Shagun is alive. Ishita waits for right time to tell everything to Raman, till she finds the informer.


The family celebrates Akshara’s return and Rajshri-Vishwamber’s marriage anniversary. Everyone is in party mood. They take selfies. A huge photo collage is made. Vishwamber and Rajshri are given this surprise. Rajshri and Vishwamber come home before time and get this beautiful surprise of their wedding anniversary. They understand their family have done this. Akshara was not aware of this. Naitik brings Akshara to the party to give her surprise. He closes her eyes and brings her to show the party. Akshara asks what surprise, and tells them that she can’t see anyone or lights. Akshara will be losing her eyesight. They all get shocked.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv recalls the time spent with Thapki. Vasundara decides to check the tape. Vasundarachecks the tape, she is shocked to learn about Shraddha’s truth. Shraddha gets tensed and quickly lies to her. Shraddha tells Vasundara that Thapki threatened her to say all those harsh things. Vasundara gets angry on Thapki. Dadi decides to give the traditional ring to Thapki. Shraddha gets angry seeing this. Vasundara supports Shraddha against Thapki. Balwinder Bau ji asks Thapki to read Ramayan. Shraddha mixes sindoor in the betel and gives Thapki, so that she stammers more. Thapki halts while reading. Bihaan reads Ramayan for Bau ji. Thapki finds difficulty in talking. Bau ji calls doctor for her checkup. The doctor tells them that Thapki lost her voice. He asks her to try to speak aloud and practice till her voice gets normal.


  1. why thiis yhm dragging too too much ishita should tell the truth to raman this time and will be find the culprit with the help of raman and how could raman cant hear are seen the truck which came to hit him behind what abishek does not investigate any think about the accident which happens in the hill why the writters want to fool the audience kp and diva is very good actors why the writters wasting their acting


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