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Ritik brings many sarees for Shivanya and asks her to wear it. Shivanya is worried as her truth might be revealed to Ritik. She refuses to go out with him. Later, Shivanya dances infront of Ritik on a romantic song. Naagin got a surprise which will shock everyone. She is in love with Ritik and wants to surprise Ritik. She dances to woo him. Ritik is puzzled and happy. He sits with rose in his hands and looks lovingly at her. She looks at him romantically. He thinks she wants to surprise him. Shivanya has fallen for Ritik’s innocence and charm. She has forgotten that she is a Naagin and came to take revenge.


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Rana ji gets Shanti Puja done at his place. Gayatri and Rana ji sit for the puja, but there is a grahan in the puja. Just then Abhay Singh Chauhan shots bullet on the pot thus breaking it. He wants to make Raj Mata remember the past. A new villain came to the palace. He is the villain in Rana ji and Rani’s life. His name is Abhay and came to take revenge from Amir court. He tells that Amir court belongs to his ancestors and now it belongs to him. He challenges Rana ji that he will take back Amir court. He asks Rana ji to return the palace. Abhay falls in love with Gayatri. There is a hidden story behind his entry.


Sarojini gets dressed as a Japanese beauty with trademark fan in her hand. She has become Ms. Suzi. She has came to take revenge. Family members couldn’t identify her, and even Somendra couldn’t think that she is Sarojini. She wants to know what happened exactly to solve the mystery. It is yet to be seen what this Suzi do to change Dushyant. Dushyant will be supporting her for getting a costly project and get fooled. Suzi/Sarojini will start changing things in her inlaws home and make the men work.


All the family members looks on. Sarla is really in trouble, and teary rolls down her eyes thinking she will lose her house. Riya comes to her rescue when her door is locked. She asks the railway personals to show the notice which they sent. Sarla refuses to vacate the house. Sarla is thankful to Riya when the railway official opens the lock. Riya earns a good point by helping Sarla.


Madhuben played a conspiracy against Ahem. She has written a letter which Ahem read and left the house. Everyone is shocked. Gopi cries. Madhuben is happy and thinks of only one thing that is revenge from Modi family. Shahrukh Khan and Kajol will be part of the show to unite Ahem and Gopi. Kokila gets the news that Ahem is dead and she is shattered. Gopi is in shock as Ahem is declared dead. But Gopi is sure Ahem is alive and he will be back. The Dilwale cast will be bringing back Ahem and making things fine in the show.


Ashok targets Raman and Ishita. Ishita falls down and was rolling down towards the cliff. Raman holds Ishita and tries saving her. Ishita and Raman fall down the cliff and hang to the tree. Ishita is fooling Ashok and wanted to throw Raman’s dummy. But her plan has gone wrong. Ashok has come there with a big boulder to throw on them. Ishita and Raman get shocked and shout for help. The police reaches there to help them. Abhishek comes there and stops Ashok. Abhishek saves Ishita and Raman. Raman tells Ishita that he is always there to protect her.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Anita gets angry and beats a thief. Angoori also catches a thief and beats him. Both the ladies beat up the masked thieves not knowing they are actually Vibhuti and Tiwari. The ladies show their angry side and scold the thieves for stealing the ring. Vibhuti is beaten up by Angoori, while Tiwari is beaten up by Anita. The ring is the cause of all this. The ring created the confusion. Vibhuti got the ring from Saxena for Angoori, and Tiwari also gets a ring for Angoori. He sees Anita with the ring. Tiwari goes to get the ring from Anita. He scares her with knife and she takes him light. She is not scared of him and starts tackling him. Angoori has gone there to tell Anita that she has got the ring. Seeing the thieves, Angoori also starts her action.


Akshara has come back in Singhania house. The family gets happy seeing her fine. Akshara cries seeing their love. It’s emotional moment for everyone. Tara and her Dada ji also welcome Akshara. Akshara had Naitik’s support all the way. Naitik promises to be with her always. She apologizes to him for their arguments before. Akshara hugs her family. Naitik showers love on Akshara and takes care of her. Akshara is back and the family is happy that they did not lose her. Akshara tells the truth to Naitik as what happened with her and how she fell down in the river. He gets angry and she asks him to let this matter go for some time. Naitik has left this matter about Sangram for a while but stays annoyed with Dada ji.


Bhaiya ji is confused and thinks Chunni is Chakor. He then realizes that Choka is actually Chakor. He gets info from Nayantara’s lawyer. He gets his doubt confirmed when he spots Choka with Nimboli. Nimboli tells Chakor that she will not let Chakor stay dual identity life. Bhaiya ji hears their conversation. He gets shocked when Nimboli reveals Chakor’s identity.

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Siya Ke Ram:

Kaikeyi reminds Dasharath about his promise to her dad towards giving his throne to her son Bharat. She wants Bharat to become the heir of Ayodhya. She asks does he not want to keep his promise. Dasharath says his eldest son will become his heir. Kaikeyi determines to make Bharat sit on the throne. Meanwhile, Sita suggests Shathanand about a possible solution to make Ahilya rid of Gautam Rishi’s curse. She tells him about a Raghuvanshi freeing Ahilya, which makes Shathanand thankful to her.

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