TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Jamai Raja:

Shabnam and Raghu were dancing romantically. Roshni gets jealous, and pushes Shabnam from the stage. Roshni then dances with Raghu. Roshni says she doesn’t want Shabnam to get engaged with Sid, and says she is unhappy and knows that he is Sid. She says she won’t let Shabnam get engaged to Raghu. Roshni will get engaged to Sid/Raghu.


Both of the Naagins, Sesha and Shivanya injure a man. Shesha has taken Suri’s wife avatar, and acts to go with Shailash, and this initiates a fight between two friends. Later, Shivanya and Sesha make him half dead. The naagin throws the arrow on him, and then bite him. Shivanya then goes back home and spends romantic moments with Ritik. Ritik is unaware that he is making Naagin wear the mangalsutra. Shivanya recalls something and burns her pics, as she doesn’t want her past to come in her present.


Rana ji and Gayatri are romancing in the show. Rana ji takes Gayatri in his arms and starts walking. Avdesh will halt their romance and eyes them.


Ahem has returned home and is welcomed by the family. He has realized his mistakes, and thinks not to end his life for his family. Kokila forgives him heartily. Shravan’s mum and Urmila are wearing black clothes, and try to hang Gaura. It is actually a dream sequence of Gaura. Gaura gets shocked after seeing the dream. She has done bad deeds and will pay for her sins.


Mohit comes to Shanti’s house in disguise of a Godman, and tells that the selected guy is not right for Shanti’s grand daughter. Riya supports Preeti, which angers Shanti.

Siya Ke Ram:

Shri Ram comes to address his people on the road. All the people of his dynasty are happy seeing Lord coming to meet them. A villager woman hopes to meet Ram. Ram comes with Lakshman in his cart, and hugs the woman who called him from heart. The lady gives him kheer to eat. Ram eats it showing he is one of the common people, and down to earth, despite being Ayodhya’s prince.


Black reflection is following Ruhi…..and it aims is to trap Ishita somehow. A woman wearing a burqa comes to kill Ruhi in her school. Ruhi sees her and is shocked and tells Raman that she has seen Shagun. Shagun came to save her daughter from Sarika. Sarika in a disguise of Ishita comes to harm Ruhi. Raman sees Shagun’s face…….and follows her….Shagun sits in the car and leaves. Raman and Ishita’s love will turn into hatred after Shagun’s truth is revealed to him.


Ragini is celebrating her victory and have thrown a party. Swara is happy with Ragini’s makeover, but unhappy with her bad attitude. Ragini has snatched Durga Prasad’s wealth and everything, and will shock him in the party. She brings Durga Prasad’s ex in the party, who dances in the party.


Sarojini in a Suzi’s avatar applies haldi on Indra’s face and reads her fiance’s letter for her, and makes her talk to him.


Viplav realizes that he is in love with Dhaani and thinks to confess his feeling before they go back home. He rehearses confessing love while doing pushups and Dhaani comes there just then making him tensed. Viplav feels hard to express love and wonders if Dhaani will accept his love. Dasharath get tensed thinking Viplav and Dhaani are together, and fears love blossoming between them. Dhaani and Viplav spend some romantic time unknowingly, and the circumstances force them to stay at Sarla’s owner house for some more time. Owner’s grand daughter Piya comes home. She is a tomboyish kind of a girl who hates men. She thinks all men are same and is arrogant. It is yet to be seen if there is a love triangle, as Viplav will change her perception.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Bulbul and Purab gets married finally. Abhi and Pragya sacrifice their room and give to the newly weds. They stay in a different room and have their usual arguments.

Piya Rangrezz:

Shraddha’s goad bharayi is going on. Sher comes there indisguise of a woman…..and tries to look at the rituals… Sher stays around Shraddha and is glad.



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