Ishita to give Agni Pariksha; Crocodile attack to add suspense…


yeh hai mohab31

Sarika goes to kill Ruhi in her school and puts the blame on Ishita. Ruhi sees the lady and assumes she is Ishita. She gets shocked seeing the knife. Ruhi hides and then sees Shagun in the burqa. She tells Raman that she has seen Shagun. Shagun came to save her daughter from Sarika. Sarika in a disguise of Ishita comes to harm Ruhi. Raman sees Shagun’s face…….and follows her. Shagun sits in the car and leaves. Raman does not understand whats going on. Raman wants to get Shagun’s spirit out of Ishita. He believes Ishita was the one to attack Ruhi at school. Sarika is helping Ashok, as he is blackmailing her by using her secret.

Raman and Ishita leave for Rajasthan temple. Ishita will be locked in the temple. Ishita cries and talks to the tantric Baba. She tries telling him that she is doing all this to save her husband. The tantric does not believe her and assumes that the spirit is saying all this fake story to get saved from the torture. Ishita will give Agni Pariksha. She will walk on the coal. Its all by Ashok’s plan. Raman will get to know the truth of Shagun and Ishita’s plan, but it will be too late. After the tantric’s step, Ishita and Shagun will land in another trouble by Ashok. When the goons chase Shagun, she jumps in the river, and Ishita tries saving her. The crocodile twist is the new add-on in the show. How will Raman be able to save Ishita? Keep reading.

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