TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers

Siya Ke Ram:

A man informs Ram about the attacks by Asurs on the pilgrims. Ram heads to rescue the pilgrims. Asurs get to know this and plan to make Ram and Laxman their hostages, so that they can conquer over Ayodhya. Ram takes the responsibility of saving the Aryavar and gets in his warrior avatar. Ram succeeds in saving the pilgrims from Asurs Subahu and Mareecha. Everyone applaud Ram for his bravery. An Ashwamedha Yagya is done, where a horse from Ayodhya is set free to run. Dasharath tells Ram that his horse is going out after a long time. No one could stop it till now and at this time, the horse is heading towards Mithila. The people ask Sita to move off the horse’s way, before she gets hurt. Sita stops the horse and calms him down. Sita bravely stops that horse. Ram and Sita will be soon meeting for the first time.

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Gayatri slaps Avdesh and pushes him down. She scolds him. Gayatri is such a wife who can go to any extent for her Rana ji. She pushes Avdesh and takes a huge diya in hand to keep him away. Avdesh thought Gayatri will be his love after he takes over Rana ji’s property, but he has to forget her, as she has become Rana ji’s wife by her soul and heart. She tells Avdesh that he has got Rana ji’s property on his name, but he can’t take Gayatri ever. Rana ji and Gayatri should find some solution.


Ritik tries to wear a Dhoti and Shivanya helps him. There is a naughty moment between them. He gets romantic. Ritik is falling for Shivanya more. Sesha meets Shivanya and reminds her not to fall in love with Ritik. Shivanya has forgot her revenge. Sesha has come as Shivanya to kill Ritik. She gets a poisonous kheer for Ritik and makes him eat it. Ritik consumes the poisonous kheer and falls down. Shivanya gets worried for Ritik and makes a kada of tulsi leaves. The family worries for Ritik. Sesha explains Shivanya that a Naagin can’t love a human, else that Naagin will be ruined. Sesha and Shivanya have an argument.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Purab and Bulbul get married. They got married, but there was no family or band baaja. Pragya was with them and made this possible. She made them marry by some fear. Pragya had a bad dream of Aaliya killing Purab and Bulbul. Pragya is trying to protect Bulbul and was getting intuition, so she called them in the temple and got them married. Abhi gets to know of this marriage and argues with Pragya for not informing him. He gets angry for missing Purab and Bulbul’s marriage. Dilwale’s team becomes a part of the show and solves Abhi and Pragya’s arguments, bringing them closer.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni is dancing in Shabnam’s sangeet. Roshni is unaware of the big twist which will come by Shabnam’s plan. Roshni is happy and the reason of the happiness is the truth that Raghu is Siddharth. She has joined hands with Sid to prove Shabnam’s truth out. They hatched a plan against Shabnam. Shabnam dances happily with everyone.


Raman and Ishita leave for Rajasthan temple. Raman wants to get Shagun’s spirit out of Ishita. He believes Ishita was the one to attack Ruhi at school. Ishita will be locked in the temple. Ishita cries and talks to the tantric Baba. She tries telling him that she is doing all this to save her husband. The tantric does not believe her and assumes that the spirit is saying all this fake story to save from the torture. Ishita will give Agni Pariksha. She will walk on the coal. Its all by Ashok’s plan. Raman will get to know the truth of Shagun and Ishita’s plan, but it will be too late. After the tantric’s step, Ishita and Shagun will land in another trouble by Ashok. When the goons chase Shagun, she jumps in the river, and Ishita tries saving her. The crocodile twist is the new add-on in the show.

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Satrangi Sasural:

Kaira is drunk and dancing for Vihaan. Vihaan thinks what to do and controls her. It is a sweet scene between them. Kaira and Vihaan are not in senses and its similar scene like DDLJ. Its Vihaan’s mothers’ planning, they made Vihaan and Kaira have bhaang.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Shraddha stands on Thapki’s hand with her new sandals and hurts her. She then warns Thapki and acts good infront of everyone. Thapki goes to save Ram Pyaari/cow and gets stuck at the terrace. She falls in trouble and hangs holding the railing. The family looks for her and is worried. Thapki is unable to shout for help, as her voice is gone for temporary time. The family sees Thapki hanging and rush there. Bihaan saves Thapki. Everyone console Thapki. Vasundara tells Thapki that today she would have died if they did not see her, so its important for her to call for help. She ties the cow’s bell around Thapki’s bell and asks her to keep it to ring for help. She humiliates Thapki.


Swara decides to find out why Durga Prasad is not taking any stand against Ragini. She thinks to find the secret by which Ragini is blackmailing Durga Prasad. Swara does not sign on divorce papers and comes back as Sanskaar’s wife’s rights. She wants one chance to seek forgiveness from Sanskaar and win his love and trust.

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Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi is forced to marry three grooms by her aunts. Santoshi Maa decides to help Santoshi and waits for her call. While getting a call from Santoshi, Mata gets in human form and goes to become her savior. Mata gets to help Santoshi and cancels her marriage. The neighbors get angry on Santoshi’s uncles and aunts for playing such a dirty trick for money.

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Aditya turns at Birla house to meet Gauri and leaves his important interview, plotted by Suhani, Bhavna and Sharad. Dadi convinces Yuvraaj that Aditya is the right guy for Gauri. Yuvraaj agrees and Dadi takes a step in giving her approval for Gauri and Aditya’s marriage. Aditya asks her to talk to Pankaj and Lata, as his parents are not alive. Dadi meets Pankaj and Lata and fixes Gauri and Aditya’s marriage. The marriage track will be next in the show. Gauri fears of her mark on her face, and hides from Aditya. Suhani is still unsure of Aditya’s intentions and tries postponing the marriage. There will be twists coming in the marriage.



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