New marriage twist post Tolu-Molu kidnapping…



Gopi and her family and searching for Molu. Gaura is taking revenge from them and playing game. Jigar, Tolu and Gopi are walking on road and searching for Molu being very tensed. Urmila comes and asks Jigar what he would have answer to Rashi if she was alive.

On the other hand, Gaura has gone to immerse ashes of her brother. She is clever enough. She gives sweets with drowsiness drug to Dharam. He gets it and gets sleepy. She sends Dharam to home and wants to succeed her plan to trap Meera. Tolu and Molu have a twist in Sona’s life. Sona has kidnapped Molu and gets shocked seeing Tolu outside the temple. Tolu reached the temple and Sona’s goons stop him. Tolu stops the marriage and tells Sona that he loves her. Finally, Sona marries her love Tolu. Tolu and Sona are happily married. Their marriage will bring big drama in Modi house.



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