TR Round Up Spoilers




Shagun and Ishita saw the goons coming and had no option than to hide in the lake. They did not know high alert of the crocodile presence in the lake. They get attacked by the crocodile. Shagun rushes Ishita to hospital. Shagun was doing formalities in the hospital. Raman is stunned seeing Shagun alive. He says you are alive and slaps her. He says Ishita is dying to save you, I would have killed you if my child was not in your womb. He drags her to the family. Bhalla family gets shocked seeing Shagun. Bhallas feel Shagun has done something wrong. Raman gets annoyed with Shagun and also with Ishita for hiding this truth. Shagun needed help from Raman, but he got angry. Raman is worried for Ishita who is critical in the ICU after getting bitten by the crocodile. Ishita’s life is in risk. Shagun knows Raman is angry and reacting this way, but once Ishita gets fine and tells the motive of this drama, everything will be fine.


Bhabho is taken to the jail. She is asked to remove her jewelry before going inside the cell. Bhabho cries and removes her jewelry. Sandhya stops the lady constable from removing her maang tika. The constables scold Bhabho for killing her son. Sandhya and Meenakshi cry and hug Bhabho. Sandhya assures Bhabho that she will get her case reopened and will try to get her punishment less.

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Kumkum Bhagya and Yeh Vaada Raha:

Vijay adds poison in Pragya’s drink. Pragya and Abhi’s fight saves Pragya, and the drink glass falls. Karthik and Survi come in the party, as its merger episode of KB and YVR. Vijay fails and makes another attempt. Survi takes advice from Pragya on her problems. Bulbul will be dying in the show. Vijay will plan to make chandelier fall on Pragya, on Aaliya’s orders. Bulbul will save Pragya and will fall prey to Aaliya and Vijay’s plan. Bulbul’s character will have a major change by this track.


Gaura has gone to immerse ashes of her brother. She is clever enough. She gives sweets with drowsiness drug to Dharam. He gets it and gets sleepy. She sends Dharam to home and wants to succeed her plan to trap Meera. Tolu and Molu have a twist in Sona’s life. Sona has kidnapped Molu and gets shocked seeing Tolu outside the temple. Tolu reached the temple and Sona’s goons stop him. Tolu stops the marriage and tells Sona that he loves her. Finally, Sona marries her love Tolu. Tolu and Sona are happily married. Their marriage will bring big drama in Modi house.

Tashan E Ishq and Jamai Raja Maha Episode:

Tashan E Ishq and Jamai Raja merger episode will be aired soon. Twinkle and Roshni meet in the party. Twinkle shares her problems with Roshni. Twinkle and Roshni ask each other to have faith in Lord and leave all worries. Twinkle will emotional blackmail Yuvraj and he will speak out the truth of his acting to keep her closer with him. But her plans as Yuvraj deletes his confession video. Roshni hopes Sid will solve the childhood marriage problem and wishes Twinkle to have strength as Lord will not let Yuvraj win.

Adhuri Kahani Humari:

Yuvraj Madhav is getting married to a naagin Maya. Manasvini is sacrificing her love for Yuvraj Madhav. Another naagin has come there to dance in the function, and chooses a naagin song. Pratyusha Banerjee will be doing a performance in the Maha episode. Maya wants to get NaagMani from Yuvraaj Madhav. Manasvini and Maya have a jugalbandi dance to show who is better for Madhav.


Ragini wanted to insult Annapurna for meeting Swara without taking Ragini’s permission. Ragini gets all family members to watch what she does. She gets black ink to apply to Annapurna. Ragini says she wants to hurt Laksh and insult Annapurna, as Annapurna is close to Laksh. Annapurna went against her and was trying to meet Swara to get proof against her, so Annapurna has become threat to Ragini now. Uttara calls Swara and asks her to come fast as Ragini is insulting Annapurna. Swara comes there and stops Ragini from applying black color to Annapurna’s face. Ragini asks how dare you stop me. Swara saves Annapurna and pushes Ragini. Ragini falls in the black ink bowl and her face turns black. Swara is trying to get some secret of Maheshwari family. Swara spots the ghunghat clad lady in market and follows her. The lady takes her gold jewelry and agrees to tell her secret. This secret will reveal the truth Durga Prasad is hiding from everyone.

Qubool Hai:

Mahira wants to know by whose help is Amaad doing all this against her. Amaad brings marriage proofs of Mahira and him, and says he is sure that Mahira is his wife. He wants to make this clear to Armaan as well. Amaad is determined to ruin Mahira and make her away from Armaan.


Dhaani’s love confession was much awaited. After Viplav planned to leave to give her a final ultimatum, Dhaani could not live without him. Dhaani missed him badly and realized what love means, and what Viplav filled in her heart. She sits crying thinking she has lost him, and sees his reflection in waters. She gets glad seeing him and stumbles, while he holds her hand. He asks her about her presence here, which makes her confess her love to him. She tells him that she does not care for the world, as he is with her. She says I love you and plays with red colors, which show her acceptance towards a new life. They get very happy as she agreed to marry him. Viplav breaks this news at home, which shocks Dasharath and Kanak. Kanak is against this marriage and will create troubles for Dhaani now. Dasharath will be cleverly plotting to stop the marriage.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya understands Shanti is making everyone against her for no reasons and goes to confront Shanti. Shanti is also done enough by hide and seek games. She tells Riya that she will kick her out of Shanti Sadan in one month time. Riya challenges her to do her best and even then she will fail in making her leave. Riya and Shanti will have a fight now to strengthen their roots.



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