TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Gopi has brought Meera home. Everyone get shocked seeing Meera. Kokila breaks down and did not know the situation at home will become like this. She is getting many shocks and is shattered. Meera is not aware what is happening at Modi house. Meera is drunk and Kokila can’t bear knowing someone has attacked Meera’s respect. Kokila has another problem. Madhuben has planned and made Sona marry Tolu. Kokila scolds Sona for marrying Tolu and slaps Sona. Sona holds Kokila’s hand and says if she raises hand again, I will twist your hand. Kokila shouts on her and Tolu. Tolu has disappointed the family by marrying Sona. Sona says she will not bear anyone shouting or raising hand on her. Kokila cries and talks to Ahem. She asks Lord why is he testing them so much. Madhuben and Gaura are planning these attacks together. Kokila is strong and will emerge a winner infront of her enemies.


Gauri is getting married and the functions are celebrated grandly. Suhani and Yuvraaj perform in the sangeet ceremony in total filmi sytle. Suhani dresses as Rekha and Yuvraaj does Big B’s act on the song Pardesiya. Their retro dance becomes the star performance of the ceremony. Suhani and Yuvraaj apply haldi to Gauri. The twist will come as Dadi will blame Suhani for mixing something in the haldi. Aditya is upto some manipulations at the bank, where he works with Pankaj. There will be shocking twist where Gauri will blame Pankaj for misbehaving with her.


Raman has ended his relation with Ishita. He is heartbroken to see what he did not imagine ever. He feels Ishita has cheated to him by her web of lies. Mrs. Bhalla is angry after the revelation. Mrs. Bhalla shouts on Shagun and Ishita and asks both of them to leave from her home. She holds their hands and drag them to the door. Mrs. Bhalla pushes them outside the house. Sarika gives a evil grin and shut the door on their face. Ishita goes to Amma. Amma scolds her and says my house door is closed for you. She goes and shuts the door. Ishita cries and feels helpless. Shagun consoles her.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar is dancing with the Daayans. There is tandav dance scene again. Simar prays to Paatali Devi. Simar is in full control of Paatali Devi and is doing her bhakti. Paatali Devi’s statue is brought at Bharadwaj house. Simar and other devotees of Paatali Devi dance. Bharadwaj family will be facing Simar’s evil now.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara burns the stitching competition requirements and suggests a singing competition to decide the winner. Thapki was about to see Vasundara burning the items, and Shraddha stops Thapki. Vasundara silently leaves. The family sees the fire and blows it off. Bihaan and everyone worry as Thapki stammers. Thapki sings a aarti instead any song. Shraddha has sung a song Aaj ki raat and was hoping she will win. Thapki gets stuck for little bit and finishes the aarti well. The family claps for Thapki. Vasundara will be planning to fail Thapki in the competition, but she will fail. Thapki will be winning the competition.

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Ragini has thrown a new year party and dances on the song Hoton pe aisi baat………… Ragini, Kaveri and Dadi dance. Swara has got Sanskaar’s ex GF Kavita, and Ragini has got Durgaprasad’s old love Kaveri. Kaveri dances with Ragini and reveals her face after the dance performance. Kaveri has a secret with her, and performance is giving a hint of the secret. Ragini will be bringing that secret out, which will shock everyone. Swara will support Durga Prasad and prove him innocent. Kavita will be helping Swara. Sanjeeda Sheikh will be performing in the party. Swara wants to save Durgaprasad, and Ragini wants to trap him. The truth will win, but there will be many twists ahead.


Shivanya has come to save Sesha. Shivanya has come to the Shiv temple with Ritik. Ritik meets Guru and leaves. Shivanya talks to the Guru ji. Shivanya got him to same temple where her parents were killed. She feels Sesha is in big problem. She makes Guru ji do the puja for Sesha. Ritik supports Shivanya, even when he does not believe in puja. He loves Shivanya and likes everything she likes. Ritik and Shivanya come to his Devdi. She wants to bring some secret out. She sees a king’s photo. The king resembles Ritik and this secret twist will be getting revealed.


Somendra and Sarojini get married again. The fate has brought them together. The family makes Somendra and Suzy marry for money. They did not find difference between Sarojini and Suzy. There is a light scene between Somendra and Suzy. Somendra becomes Sarojini and wears her saree. He applies face pack and is fooling family. There will be marriage twist in the show. Mannu will return and stop the marriage.

Sumit Sambhal Lega:

Walia family meets Simran’s parents for the first time and a crazy funny conversation starts. Simran’s family is ultra conservative family. Simran’s parents get convinced by Walias and accept Rajneesh for Simran. Simran gives all the responsibility of marriage arrangements to Rajneesh. She starts pestering him for petty things. Jasbir and Sumit ask Rajneesh to mess up things, so that Simran stops bothering him. Rajneesh makes good wedding invites and Sumit’s plan fails. Rajneesh’s marriage track will be airing this week.


Abhi and Pragya have a talk. Pragya is back in her old look. She has worn specs and simple clothes for some time. She has to tell something to Abhi. Pragya has some work and feels Abhi will listen to his Phuggi. Abhi does not know what to react seeing his old Phuggi Pragya has to tell Abhi that Aaliya and Tanu have done this with Bulbul and also the chandelier fall accident truth. She knows Abhi will not believe her, so she has changed her avatar to make him believe her. Abhi will find it tough to believe her. Pragya will have a tough away, as Abhi will not believe her now.


Dasharath asks Kanak to try everything possible to stop Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage. He tells her that he has to be good infront of Viplav, Dhaani and ashram widows. Dasharath keeps his image good like always and makes Kanak his working hard. Kanak beats Dhaani badly by pulling her hair and talks filthy with her. She asks Dhaani how did she trap Viplav with her beauty and charm. Everyone try to stop Kanak from beating Dhaani. Viplav gets shocked seeing his love humiliated. Dasharath slaps Kanak and scolds her infront of everyone to make his image more positive. Dasharath will be playing safe and try his level best to stop the marriage.



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