Gauri’s vampish move; Suhani to get humiliated….



Gauri filed molestation case against Pankaj. Suhani fell in big problem which she did not imagine. Rags and Menka go out to see the drama happening in the lawn, where people come to throw stones and beat Pankaj. The people get angry and blacken Pankaj and Suhani’s face with blank ink. Pankaj got arrested and taken away by police. When Suhani was saving her dad, people applied black ink on her face. Dadi humiliates Suhani and says this blank ink should be on all of your family members’ faces. Yuvraaj was inside Birla house and did not come to save Suhani. Pankaj says we will prove everyone wrong. Dadi feels Pankaj is the culprit. Suhani goes to her parents’ home, and said she will prove Pankaj innocent. She will now find the culprit. Krishna and Soumya support Suhani in this matter. Aditya and Gauri stay firm on the case, and does not take it back even when Yuvraaj asks them. Yuvraaj feels divided between Gauri and Suhani. Whom will Yuvraaj support? Suhani meets Pankaj in jail and says she will support him. Yuvraaj comes there and tells them that he will give statement against Pankaj in court. Suhani gets shocked. What will Suhani do to prove Pankaj innocent? Keep reading.



  1. How can Gauri be so ungrateful with a very short memory, how can she forget that it is the same Suhani she is fighting now is the same person that accepted and made sure that her place as the daughter of the Birla’s house is secured even when the same people who are instigating her against Suhani rejected and even humiliated her, well it is a lesson for us all that no matter how good you are to people they most likely turn their backs on you and even start doing exactly what Gauri is doing to Suhani, biting the fingers that fed her

  2. No its all gauris drama……..there z no doubt in aditya even he just want luxuries so he z taking advantage of the situation. ….but this all drama z created by gauri…….but when suhani comes to now gauri has filed a wrong case against pankaj………then the drama begins……its getting bored

  3. Get to the chase. It has become very very boring now. The same old stuff everyday. Come out with who the culprit is and end this drama. I love Suhani but it is getting very boring to watch. Nothing new happening…same old…same old stuff


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