Simar to normalize by Mata ji’s efforts; Guess what remains in SSK…



The Bharadwaj family goes out to temple. Prem and Simar are left alone at home. Prem has cold and goes to take medicines. Paatali Devi is controlling Simar. Simar dances sensual way and romances with Prem. She is obeying Paatali Devi, and dances with Prem to woo him. She gets a knife to kill him and has fuming eyes. Prem hugs her and she pushes him. She shows the knife and stabs on his hand. He gets shocked. Simar will show her evil powers to Prem and Bharadwaj family.


Mata ji and others were shocked seeing Simar flying in air and attacking Prem. Mata ji was shocked when Simar was trying to kill Mata ji and Prem. Mata ji had no option than to end Simar’s evil. Mata ji brings Mata Rani’s trishul and keeps Simar away. They throw sindoor on Simar’s face. The evil spirit in Simar screams. Devika puts Mata Rani’s blessed sindoor on Simar. Simar faints. Mata ji knew how to make Simar fine. Mata ji, Prem and Devika succeeded to make Simar fine. Simar has got fine now, and the evil spirit by Paatali Devi has gone from her body. This happens by the family’s efforts. Simar will regret for her doings and apologize to family. What will Paatali Devi do now? What other concept of good versus evil is left now? Well, viewers can keep guessing it or wait to watch it next in SSK. Keep reading.



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