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Median zing spoilers



Everyone was waiting for Meera to come back home. Meera comes home and apologizes to Gopi. She calls her Maa and everyone gets glad seeing Meera’s good change. But they get shocked seeing Kokila’s angry avatar in this positive moment. Kokila slaps Meera. The family looks on. Gopi cries for Meera. Kokila is very angry and scods Gopi and Meera. Gopi tries explaining Kokila to accept Meera. Meera and Gopi’s differences got cleared. Kokila will be replaced by her lookalike. Gaura will plan and kidnap Kokila. Gaura will make the fake Kokila workout her plan in Modi house. Fake Kokila will trouble Modi family now.


The Bharadwaj family goes out to temple. Prem and Simar are left alone at home. Prem has cold and goes to take medicines. Paatali Devi is controlling Simar. Simar dances sensual way and romances with Prem. She is obeying Paatali Devi, and dances with Prem to woo him. She gets a knife to kill him and has fuming eyes. Prem hugs her and she pushes him. She shows the knife and stabs on his hand. He gets shocked. Simar will show her evil powers to Prem and Bharadwaj family soon.


Ragini’s Maasi has taken an entry. Ragini hugs her Maasi. Everyone worry seeing the Maasi. Ragini’s mum’s Janki’s Shradh was going on and the bhog was kept. Maasi throws the bhog. Maasi says Janki came in her dream, and she said she is not happy. Everyone get worried as Janki’s spirit did not get peace. Maasi says I have come to help Janki’s soul get peace. Maasi will trouble Swara now. Maasi finds everyone unhappy and says she will not stay with them. Ragini stops her and does not let her leave the house. On the other hand, Kavita tells Sanskaar that she has rights on him. She tries managing his life. Sanskaar is worried and tells her clearly that he loves Swara. Kavita is not ready to accept this truth, and asks him not to say this again.

Tashan E Ishq:

Yuvi has kidnapped Twinkle and trying to marry her. She tells him that she will not marry him, as she does not love him. Twinkle says you are torturing me, its not true love. Yuvi kidnapped Twinkle from Amritsar and brought her to Mumbai. He has kept her as a hostage. Twinkle calls him mad. Yuvi ties her so that she does not run. Twinkle wishes Kunj comes and saves her. Kunj will be making a heroic entry. Yuvi drags her to take marriage rounds. Twinkle resists and Kunj enters there. Kunj and Yuvi have a fight. Kunj saves Twinkle and takes her. Later back home, Kunj plans a good change for Twinkle to make her happy. Twinkle and Kunj celebrate a romantic date. They have a candle light dinner. Kunj and Twinkle have an eyelock. They both romantically dance and laugh. Kunj saved Twinkle from Yuvi and they united. Yuvi will plan again along Anita, to break Twinkle and Kunj.


Everyone groove on the Rajasthani music in Lalima’s sangeet. Sandhya and Sooraj have couple dance, along others. Lalima is happy with Pramod. Saathiya’s Gopi has come in DABH. The family then dances in Punjabi style. Gopi will try to free Sooraj from his guilt. Sandhya and Gopi have a Jugalbandi dance. Bhabho is glad seeing her family happy. Pramod proposes Lalima in filmy style.


Sesha has got her new love. Rajat Tokas has come in the show and is opposite Ada Khan. Sesha hugs Kabir and falls for him, seeing his honest eyes. Shivanya looks on from far. Sesha has fallen in love with Kabir. There is a secret behind Kabir’s entry too. Sesha is a Icchadhaari Naagin, and Kabir is Icchadhaari mongoose. The snake and mongoose fight is from ancient years. They both hide this truth from each other, and show they are normal humans. The circumstances bring them closer. Sesha was stopping Shivanya from falling in love with Ritik. Sesha does not believe in love, but her opinion changes seeing Kabir.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya is crying and telling her family that she is innocent. Riya is shattered and does not know what wrong she did. Amit has sent the pics of him and Riya. Riya tries to talk to Kaushalya and failed. Kaushalya asks Shanti to forgive Riya. Riya hopes Raghav supports him. Riya walks on the burning coal to give her Agnipariksha. Raghav comes home. Riya tells him about the matter and hugs him crying. She asks Raghav to support her, as Shanti is not listening. Shanti worries that Raghav can support Riya.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya is worried, as she is not getting her sister Bulbul. She is trying to find Bulbul. She asks people about Bulbul. Pragya does not know Bulbul will go away. Bulbul will meet Pragya and tell her not to stop her, she will commit suicide and fall down a cliff. Purab will break down by Bulbul’s suicide. Pragya’s truth will be known to everyone, that Pragya did not lose memory and did drama. Sarla will be shattered by Bulbul’s death. Sarla will end relation with Pragya.

Siya Ke Ram:

Janak announces Sita’s swayamvar and sends invitation to all the Rajyas. He even sends it to Lanka. Sunaina worries for Lanka king Raavan, about whom they did not hear anything good. Dasharath tells his wives about Swayamvar invitation for Ram. Kaikeyi asks Dasharath to send an apology stating Ram is not present in Ayodhya right now. But fate has it written. Vishwamitra asks Ram to head to Mithila for the Swayamvar. Ram and Laxman leave for Mithila. While Sita was worried about her life partner, she gets delighted when Ram strings the Shiv Dhanush and becomes her prospective groom. Sita and Ram’s marriage track will be commencing soon. Ram will be accepting Sita with her immense knowledge and truth that she is Bhoomija. Ram will value Sita equally and reside in her heart. Janak happily gives Sita’s hand to Ram. Will this anger Kaikeyi, who wants to get Ayodhya throne for Bharat? Keep reading.

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