TR’s Quick Reads



Dharam is in jail and was waiting for Gaura. He thinks how to go out and meet Meera. Kokila will be replaced by her lookalike. Gaura will plan and kidnap Kokila.

Qubool Hai:
Armaan and Mahira got away because of the misunderstandings planted by Amad. Mahira tries to explain him, and he does not trust her. Armaan trusts Amad and what all he sees.

Gayatri comes to give aarti to Rana ji. She is worried as a new problem has come. She is thinking on how to face Raj Mata and Sartaj. Sartaj will keep a condition for Gayatri, that he will kill his father, if Rana ji kills Sartaj. Raj Mata will also plan big again.

Jamai Raja:
Sid is thinking how to convince Roshni, as she is annoyed with him. Sid will try to prove out Bansiben’s truth.

Yeh Vaada Raha:
Taai has done Survi and her father Shrikant’s Shradh. She gets bald head for the Shradh. Tai will be playing big game now and take the track with many twists.

Tashan E Ishq:
Yuvi had kidnapped Twinkle. He tells her that her loser husband has run away, but I m here for you. He sings Tumhe apna banana ki…. Twinkle scolds him, and they get into an argument. Yuvi scares her with the gun and says there is no one to help her. None can take her away from him. Kunj will make a heroic entry to save Twinkle.

Siya Ke Ram:
Subahu will attack Ram once to get justice for Tadaka’s death. Janak keeps swayambar for Sita and tells everyone that the one who strings the Shiv Dhanush, will be deserving to marry Sita.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Angoori beats Tiwari a lot. Tiwari runs away seeing her Rakshaki avatar. Angoori tells him that its all by his deeds. Vibhuti has planned all this. He had hypnotized Angoori and makes her beat Tiwari. Tiwari knows the reason that Vibhuti has hypnotized Angoori and will take revenge from him.


Romi disowns Rohit knowing Rohit is not his biological child. Romi will leave Bhalla house, and Raman Ishita will be taking Rohit’s responsibility.

Balika Vadhu:
Jagya and Ganga’s marriage anniversary will be celebrated in the upcoming track.



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