TGI Friday’s Spoilers




Sanskaar and Kavita are getting engaged. Sanskaar looks at Swara. Sanskaar sings an emotional song, which made everyone understand he is not happy with this engagement with Kavita. He sings Swara’s favorite song, and Swara could not stop herself. Sanskaar and Swara are upset in the engagement, they married and did not love each other. But gradually they fell in love. Swara could not see him getting engaged to someone else, and confesses love. Swara says I got courage and speaks out her feelings. Swara cries and hugs Sanskaar. Swara and Sanskaar unite, while Kavita is shocked. Swara has confessed her love for Sanskaar, infront of everyone, during Kavita and Sanskaar’s engagement. Swara and Sanskaar said I love you to each other, but this broke Kavita’s heart.


Fake Kokila has come in Modi house. Kokila has always thought about Modi family. This new Kokila is planted by Gaura. Kokila’s lookalike has entered Modi Bhavan and shouting in Kokila’s manner. She shouts that Gaura is right and her family is wrong. Gaura got her in Modi house and is taking support from Kokila. Kokila takes the case filed on Dharam back. She says she will not support Meera and Modi family. Everyone get shocked. Gopi requests Kokila to do aarti with them. Kokila pushes Gopi down and gives all aarti rights to Sona. This fake Kokila will have Kokila’s mask applied on face. This truth will come out much time later.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Angoori calls Vibhuti to meet him. Vibhuti has hypnotized Angoori and asked her to dance. Angoori dances on his saying. Angoori tells I love you to Vibhuti. He sees Anita and gets shocked. He asks Angoori why is she saying so, and says he just loves Anita. Anita has thrown a knife at Vibhuti. He gets hurt and asks why did Anita kill him…. he faints. Anita and Angoori laugh saying Vibhuti died. They dance happily on his death and hug.


Ritik and Shivanya have light romantic moments. Shivanya has fallen in love with Ritik and hugs him. They divided the bed after a small fight. Shivanya comes on his side while doing some work. Ritik teases her and hugs her while flirting. Shivanya recalls Sesha’s words that she can’t love any human. Yamini doubts on Shivanya that Shivanya is a Naagin. She takes Guru Maa’s help. Guru Maa does help and burns a locket. Sesha and Shivanya fool Yamini, as Shivanya clears Yamini’s doubt. Yamini cries and thinks to apologize to Shivanya.


Prem will be marrying Devika now. Mata ji tells him that he has to marry Devika, who has divine powers. She says only then Simar can be freed from Paatali Devi’s magic. Prem refuses to marry Devika, and Mata ji convinces him for Simar’s sake. Prem marries Devika, while Simar screams and asks him to stop. Prem fills sindoor in Devika’s maang, and thus get married. Simar gets shocked. Simar throws things and gets angry. Prem takes wedding rounds with Devika. The family opposes Prem and are about to call police. Prem tells them that he will do Simar’s Shradd and then marry Devika. He puts garlands on Simar’s pic and Devika starts Simar’s Shradd. Paatali Devi shouts on Prem, saying she will not free Simar and take Simar to the evil world with her.

Siya Ke Ram:

Raavan’s entry happens in the Sita’s Swayamvar. Raavan lifts the Shiv Dhanush and laughs. But he fails to string the Dhanush and it falls from his hands. Ram strings the Dhanush and becomes eligible life partner for Sita. Ram and Sita exchange garlands and will be getting married.


Sandhya and Sooraj confess love and feelings to each other. They hug on the stage. The family shower flowers on them. Sooraj gives Sandhya a rose in filmy style. Sandhya and Sooraj have come together. Chotu has come back in the show. Chotu brought some light moments between Sooraj and Sandhya. Sooraj got guilt free and light hearted like before. Lalima gets married to Pramod.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki and Shraddha dance in the celebrations of wedding anniversaries of Preeti, Suman, Sanjay and Ashwin. The bahus dance together. Shraddha plans next step to make Thapki fall in Suman and Preeti’s eyes.


Gayatri dreams that Rana ji shot himself and committed suicide. She hears the gun shot and runs to see Rana ji. She runs to him and hugs her. Rana ji fires on the dummy targets to practice shooting. Rana ji is happy when Gayatri surprises by a hug. He smiles and is glad having Gayatri with him. He explains her not to worry. Rana ji shoots himself by some reason. Gayatri tells him that he is her world and moment gets emotional. Gayatri gets troubled by the bad dream. She is relieved seeing Rana ji fine.

Yeh Vaada Raha:

Tai’s favors have made Kartik give Survi’s hand to his brother. Tai is happy with Kartik’s sacrifice. Survi is upset that Kartik did not hold her hand. Survi marries Kartik’s brother and cries. Kartik sacrifices his love and gets her married to Aniket. Survi and Kartik are not happy. Kartik kept his promise to Tai that he will give priority to her family’s happiness than himself. He feels scared that Aniket can commit suicide, thus he makes Survi marry Aniket.



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