TR’s Quick Reads



Tashan E Ishq:
Anita raises question on Leela’s affair. Twinkle stops Anita and scolds her. The new twist will be Leela’s husband’s entry. Twinkle’s dad’s secret will be coming out and take the track ahead.

Simar is acting to fool the family again. Simar acts to jump in the well. Devika stops her. The family gets emotional seeing Simar. Prem and Mata ji realize Simar is still in Paatali Devi’s effect and do not help her.

Qubool Hai:
The show is heading for a 8 month leap before it gets shut. Mahira and Armaan get blessed with a baby, and happiness returns in their lives.


Badi Rani is playing games, and makes Rana ji against Sartaj. Gayatri has many problems ahead. Rana ji angrily leaves from the palace and goes to kill Sartaj.


Poonam’s life is in danger and she fights with Dadda ji to save Guddi and her son. She asks Guddi to run away with her son. Dadda ji shouts Guddi to come out, else he will kill Poonam. Dadda ji shoots Poonam.

Satrangi Sasural:

There is new twist in the show, as Kaira falls in trouble. Kaira is stuck in jungle and shouts for help. Kaira is caught in fire rounds and panics.

Sarojini’s family is celebrating lohri. Somendra and Sarojini celebrate Lohri. The family dances and are happy. Tarika Bua gets angry on Sarojini.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:
Angoori is in shock and faints seeing the grapes tattoo on Vibhuti ji. Anita learns some technique to make person recall their last birth, and thus Angoori finds her past connection with Vibhuti ji.


Chakor and Om are happy that bullet rani act got pulled off well. Chakor gets worried as power goes. She gets trapped in net and kidnapped by Khasta Kaka. Bhaiya ji comes back to his haveli and slaps Manohar for making decisions on his own.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re:
Rambhateri seeing her son Raghunanandan in Raju, and asks Ram ji about the emotions she is developing for Raju. She regards Raju as her son and wants to make him Ram in Ramleela. Raju plays a game and wants to make Rambhateri and Nandu against, to make Ram leela stop before it starts.



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