TR’s Quick Reads



Jamai Raja:
Some goons attack Sid and Roshni. Sid and Roshni leave for a drive after many days. Few goons chase them and tease Roshni. They stop Sid’s car and beat up Sid. Sid angrily then beats the goons like filmy hero. He can’t see Roshni troubled by goons.

Sesha comes to meet Shivanya at Ritik’s house. She is among the guests. Shivanya realizes Sesha can be caught. Yamini comes to them. Sesha shifts shape and hides. Sesha warns Shivanya not to have emotional bond with Ritik.

Akshara has Tanpura in her hands. She is singing again. Naitik wants to get her old happiness back. Akshara’s hobby got old. Naitik takes her to park, where she can practice well. Few people practice singing, and could not sing well. Akshara trains them and gives some singing tips. Naitik feels proud of her.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi and Pragya get into an argument, after she tries telling him about Aaliya’s crimes. Abhi does not listen to her. Pragya feels she is done in proving truth and decides to keave the house. Pragya packs her bag and leaves the house.

Sarika comes back in Bhalla house. She creates a big issue and argues with Romi. She wants Romi to accept her. Raman and Ishita want to adopt Rohit. Ishita wants to know whose child is Rohit.


Prem wants to fail Paatali Devi. Prem married Devika to get Simar back in his life. He feels Simar will forgive him later when she knows the reason why he married Devika.

With many murders happening in the circus, Chakor tells Khanna that she is ready to risk her life. She wants to expose the killer and save the circus from getting shut. Chakor gets ready for the Bullet Rani act and face the killer, who would target her next to stop the act.



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