TR Round Up Spoilers




Swara and Sanskar gets engaged infront of their family members. There was a drama before the engagement happen as a dead bat’s blood falls on Swara’s hairs halting the engagement. They get shocked. Laksh takes the bat off from the chandelier and throws it out. Swara changes her clothes and comes back to get engaged, but then the ring is lost. Sanskar ties mauli thread around her finger to get engaged to her. Everyone blesses them and they are happy.


Raman and Ishita are happy and celebrates Lohri in the chaddha house. They think about Rohit and hope that they will find Rohit’s parents or clue leading them to them. They reminiscence their first lohri after marriage. On the other hand, Sarika has fallen in problem. Ishita troubles her and makes her stay in Bhalla house tough. Raman and Ishita does not let Sarika get water to clean her face, while Sarika screams for water to wash off soap lather. Bhalla family is troubling Sarika. They all laugh seeing Sarika learning lessons from Ishita. Sarika is punished for getting inside Bhalla house by her plannings. Ishita cuts the power and water line in Sarika’s room. Sarika tells Bhallas that she will not lose and not leave the house. Sarika feels they have ditched her and she is not wrong. Ishita says she will change Sarika and make her realize her mistakes.


Rana ji comes to know that Sartaj has fled and Badi Rani informs him that Gayatri helped Sartaj. Badi Rani will try to take advantage of Gayatri and Rana ji’s fight and will try to widen the distance between them.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki slaps Diwakar for blackmailing her sister Aditi and forcing her to marry him. She warns him not to slap her sister again. She sees Diwakar slapping Adita and asks her parents. Her parents tell about Aditi’s helplessness. Bihaan insults Diwakar and her parents. He asks them to get out from there. Diwakar says this is his inlaws house, and asks who is he to throw him out. Bihaan lifts him up scaring him and then makes him wear bangles and chunri to insult him.


Sona has married Tolu, but family did not support them. Now fake Kokila accepts Sona happily and starts the pre marriage rituals for Sona and Tolu. She tells Gopi and Ahem that they should welcome Sona and Tolu with happiness. Sona does not care if anyone is against her, as she has Kokila on her side. Hetal scolds Sona. Gopi and Ahem do not know what is happening. Meera cries as Dharam’s truth is out. Meera tells family that Dharam is innocent and feels sorry for him. Meera realizes her mistake. Kokila has forgot Meera’s problems and celebrating Sona’s happiness. This irks Gopi and everyone. They all don’t get happy by this forced events. Gopi and Kokila will get against each other for Sona’s matter. Pari will come back in the family, and she will be opposing Tolu’s marriage with Sona. Kokila asks Meera to go back to her inlaws. Gopi refuses to send Meera back and not risk her life. Meera says she will stay with her parents, as she has accepted Gopi after many years. She says she won’t go till Gopi asks her to leave.


Nirbhay runs to Ishani, while she met with an accident. He shouts Pooja, and runs to save her. He brings her out of the car, while the car catches fire. Ishani faints. Nirbhay says you can die Pooja, talk to me, get up. Ishani opens her eyes and sees him. Ishani has failed Nirbhay. She made him speak out the truth by making him emotional. Ishani risked her life and got her car accident done. She wanted to know Pooja’s truth from Nirbhay. Ishani takes Pooja’s car and replays the same car accident. Nirbhay gets in flashback. Nirbhay gets scared seeing the car accident and recalls Pooja. She speaks out the truth, and she tells him that she is not Pooja, she is Ishani. Nirbhay drops her on the road.

Tashan E Ishq:

Its first Lohri for Twinkle and Kunj, and they are seen celebrating happily. They do Bhangra around Lohri fire. Lohri is celebrated and everyone wants to make it memorable. There will be twist in the show. Anita is doing a big drama by taunting Leela about some man, she does not know that man is Leela’s husband. Anita raises question on Leela’s affair. Twinkle stops Anita and scolds her. The new twist will be Leela’s husband’s entry.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni falls over the balcony as she slips while playing with Ayesha. Roshni hangs from the third floor railing, and Sid runs to save her. Sid gets angry on Kunal. Sid slaps Kunal and scolds him, saying Kunal is responsible for this. He asks Kunal to fight like a man and not harm Roshni, else he will throw Kunal down the building. Kunal has gifted a dress to Roshni and was offering his friendship. Roshni accepts the dress, but has to beware of Kunal and Bansi, who would hit her by acting sweet.


Vivaan can’t see the bandhua kids crying by thirst and kept locked. He asks Ranjana to help the kids. Ranjana assures Vivaan that she will help those kids. Vivaan tells the kids that he will save them. Khasta brings rats near Chakor in order to shock her. Chakor struggles to get free and know the hidden joker. She realizes that she is underground, still inside the circus ground. Chakor calls Vishaka from Khasta’s mobile and Khanna realizes Khasta’s involvement in the murders. Chakor gets free and saves the circus. The show is going towards a leap this January.



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