Dharam proved innocent; Meera gets supportive…



Meera cries as Dharam’s truth is out. Meera tells family that Dharam is innocent and feels sorry for him. Meera realizes her mistake. Kokila has forgot Meera’s problems and celebrating Sona’s happiness. Kokila asks Meera to go back to her inlaws. Gopi refuses to send Meera back and not risk her life. Meera says she will stay with her parents, as she has accepted Gopi after many years. She says she won’t go till Gopi asks her to leave.

The court case drama is going on in Saathiya. Gaura talks in Dharam’s defense and says he is innocent, he always respected women. Gopi asks Meera not to be scared and tell the truth. Meera tells the judge that Dharam did not do anything, he is innocent. She cries. Modi family and Gaura look on, as court room drama gets high by Gaura. Meera apologizes to Dharam and took all the blames back. She takes the statement back and faces Dharam. She came at final moment and lawyer talks to her with disrespect. Jigar scolds the lawyer and Dharam also lost his temper saying how dare the lawyer speak bad things to his wife Meera. Dharam gets angry as lawyer accuses him for wrong blames. Dharam holds his neck and police stops him. Dharam’s innocence is proved in court.


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