Highlight: Bihaan to secure Thapki against all odds…



Thapki slaps Diwakar for blackmailing her sister Aditi and forcing her to marry him. She warns him not to raise hand on her sister again. She sees Diwakar slapping Adita and asks her parents. Her parents tell about Aditi’s helplessness. Bihaan insults Diwakar and her parents. He asks them to get out from there. Diwakar says this is his inlaws house, and asks who is he to throw him out.

Bihaan scolds Diwakar infront of all the neighbors. Bihaan says I will not leave you this time and lifts Diwkaar in air. Diwakar says I was just joking and will not do anything again. Bihaan asks Thapki for her bangles. Bihaan gets angry and asks Diwakar to wear the bangles, else his hands will be out of his body. Diwakar says wait, and wears the bangles. Bihaan makes him wear a dupatta and humiliates him. Bihaan asks Diwakar’s parents do they want makeup too, and threatens them. He asks them to leave else he will call ambulance to send her. Diwakar and his parents leave. Thapki looks on as Bihaan does everything for Thapki and her family.



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